How to deal with feeling burnt out

How to deal with feeling burnt out

The feeling of feeling burnt out is something that I’m familiar with, and something that I have struggled with more lately. I tend to know when I’m feeling like this so today I thought I would share some of the ways that help me with dealing feeling burnt out. 

1) Have a big cup of tea – Having a large cup of tea is something that tends to instantly help me get away from the burnt out feeling, even if it’s only for a few minutes. I’m not sure it’s the tea, but it is something that I associate with relaxing so it really does help me.

2) Go for a walk – I find the worse thing to do is to just sit there and think, so I like to get out and keep myself occupied. The fresh air can really help, plus it’s good for you and also counts towards my 10,000 steps on my Fitbit.

3) Change your environment – Similarly to going out for a walk, changing your environment gets you out and about and gives you a fresh place to just be, and enjoy. Even if it’s literally popping out for a coffee, that hour or so could be just what you need.

4) Make plans – I used to be a very much spur of the moment kind of person, I still am, but I also love making plans. Having plans made always gives me something to look forward to, and is something that I can remind myself of when I’m feeling down or burnt out. Again, even if it’s something as simple as a coffee date, it’s still a plan to look forward to.

5) Run a hot bath – I really need to do this more often, but getting in a really hot bath is something that instantly relaxes me and is one of my favourite things to do. Paired with a lit up candle and a Lush treat, as soon as I’m in a boiling hot bath I instantly de-stress and relax.

6) Take 15-30 minutes for you before you go to bed – Whether this is reading a book, or simply taking your time doing your skincare routine this is something that I love to do. It’s also time away from the screen which can only be good for you before you settle down to sleep.

7) Listen to music – Listening to music is one of my favourite things, and is definitely another thing that I like to associate with relaxing. It genuinely relaxes me so quickly, I definitely need to create a few more playlists again.

8) Put on something that’s easy to watch and wrap yourself in blankets – I’m currently re-watching Gilmore Girls so this is my current choice, but anything that’s super easy to watch can be one of the best things to help you deal with feeling burnt out. You can completely indulge yourself in it and be super comfy at the same time.

How do you deal with feeling burnt out? Is this a feeling you sometimes get?

8 ways on how to deal with feeling burnt out