Kiss false lashes review

Kiss false lashes review

A product that I used to wear all the time when I was at university and something that I have been wanting to try again for ages is false lashes. I love the look of the Huda Beauty 3/4 false lashes as they look super easy to apply, but the ones I’m here to talk about today are a couple of pairs of false lashes from Kiss.

I was lucky enough to receive two pairs, the Kiss Lash Couture False Lashes in Midnight* and the Kiss Looks So Natural False Lashes in Vamp*.

Kiss couture false lashes in Midnight review

Kiss Couture False Lashes in Midnight
The Kiss Couture False Lashes in Midnight are described as sumptuously soft faux mink lashes, designed to multiply length, add curls and angles to your eyelashes. They do feel super soft when you touch them, and the first thing I noticed when I first saw them was that they looked like a pair of false lashes that will add a lot of volume to your eye, kind of similar to the pair I used to wear all the time from Eylure.

As I hadn’t worn eyelashes in quite a while, as in over a year, before giving these ago I did struggle to apply them but I honestly think this is me. Once I eventually had applied them I adored the look they provided. They made my own eyelashes look much, much fuller, and more defined. Luke commented on them immediately, which says something haha.

When I took them off at the end of the evening they were super easy to remove, and remained in one piece. They are said to be able to be worn multiple times so this is a great sign, and they look nearly as new, so I do plan on wearing them again over the festive period.

Kiss looks so natural false lashes in vamp review

Kiss Looks So Natural False Lashes in Vamp
If you’re looking or prefer a more natural eyelashes look, then this second pair are probably the pair for you. The Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes in Vamp are designed to deliver real-like lashes that blend seamlessly with your own natural lashes, so much so you may even forget that you’re wearing them.
I absolutely adore how natural these false lashes look, and despite me being out of practice I actually found these a little easier to apply. I think this could be to do with the fact that there’s less thickness to the eyelashes as they are more natural.

Once on, I could feel them, but not much at all, and after a few minutes I definitely couldn’t really notice them. I felt that they blended in with ease, and with a coat of mascara just added that something extra whilst still looking quite minimal and natural. I even wore them in the daytime to fully test them, and would be totally comfortable wearing them in the day again.

Similarly to the other lashes, they were super easy to remove at the end of the day and remained in one piece. I definitely think I can get a few more uses out of these ones too.

Overall, I am super glad I got to try these, and it has definitely reminded me why I used to wear false lashes so much. I love both of these false lashes from Kiss, but my favourite would definitely have to be the Couture False Lashes as I absolutely adore how dramatic they made my eyes look, perfect for the Christmas party season too.

Do you wear false lashes at all, and what are your favourite brands to buy from?

Kiss False Lashes review

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