Saving memories through Project Life with Printiki

Project Life with Printiki

Keeping memories and saving memories has always been one of my favourite things so when Printiki reached out and offered me 30 photos complimentary I couldn’t refuse. I do something called Project Life, essentially an album type scrapbook, so today I thought I’d share a post all about how I like to save memories through Project Life with Printiki.


Printiki is a photo printing service that is super easy to use and allows you to print photos from your laptop, tablet or phone either by uploading photos or choosing photos directly from your social media profiles, such as Instagram. Once they are uploaded you can choose how you want them formatted and can choose from a range of options including square prints, bordered square prints and adding captions.

I chose 30 x square prints and made use of the border option, and changed some of the borders on my photos too. I’m so happy with the photos I received and would happily use Printiki again. If you like the sound of this then I will be sharing an affiliate code at the end of my post which provides you with free shipping.

Project Life process

Project Life

Ahh, so now it’s time to discuss Project Life. This was actually something that I started back in 2015, and for one reason or another, I’m rather behind but I am trying to get 2016 completed by the end of this year. It’s my favourite way to save memories as I love to be creative but neat, and this allows that. To start with you need an album, and the matching photo pockets, and then the rest is pretty much up to you.

Saving memories with Project Life

The idea is you purchase a core kit which contains a variety of 6 x 4 and 3 x 4 cards, but I’ve actually never done this as they’re about £30 for a set. Instead, I’ve picked up a variety of smaller and sample sets, and tend to mix it up, and even create my own cards. When you buy project life cards you get a variety of journal cards and more decorative and quote style cards, above is a selection of some of the Project Life cards I have.

Project Life memories

I like to keep random bits from outings such as receipts, tickets and menus to cut up and use. I then have a collection of washi tapes, postcards, stickers and Project Life cards to add to the mix.

Creating my own Project Life cards

One of my favourite parts of Project Life, however, is the creative side of things. As I’ve never purchased a full core kit I spend my life running out of 6 x 4 cards, I have a set of plain white 6 x 4 (and 3 x 2) which I then use to create my own, using the washi tape, receipts and stickers.

Every now and then I buy some card, plain or with a design, which I then cut up too, like the heart card featured above.

Project Life examples

Project Life example

Project Life examples

Project Life examples

Project Life examples

There are literally so many options, which is why I love it so much. Project Life can be anything you want it to be, and as creative as you like or don’t like too. Above are a couple of examples of some of the latest Project Life pages I’ve created for 2016 to give you an example, but please excuse the photography of them.

If you’re looking for a new way to keep memories it is definitely something I recommend as it is so much fun, and with the help of Printiki making printing so easy it’s even easier. If you want to try Printiki yourself, enter the code 343G3VRF at the checkout for free shipping.

Have you heard of Printiki or Project Life before? How do you like to keep memories?

Saving memories with Project Life and Printiki

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