The places at the top of my travel wishlist

Travel wishlist

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while or know me, then you might have an idea that I absolutely love to travel, in the last year alone I’ve been lucky enough to travel to Prague, Thailand and Iceland. Travelling and exploring the world is one of my favourite things, and if I had all the money in the world then it is definitely one of the first things I would make sure to do. With that in mind, today’s posts is all about the places at the top of my travel wishlist.

USA and Hawaii
Hawaii – Hawaii is one of those dream-looking locations that literally looks like it is from a movie. I would absolutely love to spend a week here splitting my time between chilling on the beach and staying in luxury rental homes in Hawaii. I would also love to visit the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park as it simply looks like an incredible, once in a lifetime experience. The temperature is another thing that gets me, as it is generally the same temperature all year round, so it is literally the perfect place to go any time of year.

Arizona – Arizona is somewhere I want to visit purely for the Grand Canyon, every time I see a photo or picture pop up on the internet of the Grand Canyon I can’t get over how simply stunning and unique it looks. This is definitely something on my bucket list.

Florida – Ahh, the child in me, I have wanted to visit Disney World Orlando since I was a child so this had to be on my list. I don’t think it’s somewhere we’ll be going anytime soon as we want to go once we have children and they’re a little older, but this is definitely somewhere I’ll be super excited to visit when we do go. I would love to visit Universal Studios too.

New York - travel

New York – I have actually already been to New York once but I have been obsessed with the city ever since I first visited. Luke and I have always had a bit of New York around our flat since we’ve lived together due to me too, have a canvas up at the moment and even a wallpaper to go up at some point. It would be a complete dream to go back and show Luke the city, and explore some more. Everything from the city vibes to the super tall buildings to Central Park, I don’t think there’s anything I don’t like. I also really want to do the Gossip Girl tour.

Philippines  This is going to sound really daft considering how ridiculously scared of heights I am, but ever since I saw a photo of a hotel with a rooftop pool looking straight over into the ocean I decided the Philippines was a place I needed to visit. The view was beyond stunning, and it literally looked like you could walk into the ocean from the hotel pool, the completely clear seas everywhere kind of help too.

Japan – Ever since I can remember Japan has been somewhere I’d love to visit, I’d love to experience the different culture, try a Katsu curry from Japan itself, explore Tokyo and Kyoto. It looks like an incredible country.

Croatia – Specifically Split, after seeing a photo a few years ago I’ve dreamt of visiting Croatia, it looks like such a gorgeous country. The waterfalls look divine and it looks like a lovely place to relax and enjoy.

Finland – Finland is a place that I would absolutely love to visit around the Christmas season, the Christmas markets look amazing and it just looks like a magical country. I would love to visit and stay in an Igloo, and maybe even have another chance at catching the Northern Lights.

Italy; Rome, Milan and the Amalfi Coast – Italy is actually the place Luke and I went for our first ever holiday together and it is somewhere that we have wanted to go back to ever since. Last time we stayed a boat ride away from Venice and absolutely loved it and the Italian food. I would love to go back and visit all the key sights in Rome, have a wander through Milan and take in the view of the Amalfi Coast.

Netherlands, Amsterdam – Amsterdam is another city that just looks super pretty, I’d love to go on a bike ride around the city and spend a long weekend taking my time just exploring. I’d love to visit Anne Frank’s house too.

The places at the top of my travel wishlist

North America
Saint Lucia – Saint Lucia is an incredibly expensive country to visit but it looks beyond gorgeous, I can’t get over the clear blue seas and the white sand beaches. It looks like a breathtaking dream-like island to visit, maybe a honeymoon kind of holiday!

Mexico – Mexico is the other country at the top of my travel wishlist in North America, and another beautiful looking country. It’s also home to the hidden beach that I always see floating around Pinterest, if you know what I mean, I’d love to find this.

New Zealand – New Zealand was never somewhere I had in my mind to visit, until I saw some photos from people who have visited there and my mind completely changed. I absolutely love exploring and finding a good view and New Zealand looks to have so many picturesque locations that I think it is a country I really have to make sure I visit.

South Africa – South Africa is somewhere I have wanted to visit for years as one of my friends used to live there and talks about the country all the time. It sounds like an amazing place to visit, and I would love to do a safari trip and see more elephants in their natural habitats.

Do you have a travel wishlist, and if so, what countries are at the top of your own wishlist?

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