Why I’m learning to love sale shopping

Sale shopping

Sale shopping in store is something I have never been able to understand. The rails of clothes everywhere with no particular order is the thing that gets me. Random clothes are always thrown about everywhere, whether it’s on a clothing rail or just out of place in a big bundle, I like my sale shopping to be organised.

For this reason alone, whenever I sale shop, aside from shoes, I normally do it 100% online. Online I am able to browse pages of clothes, but I can filter it. I can select exactly what I want using the filter system. It just works.

However, this year, online sale shopping is something that I have been wholeheartedly avoiding. 2017 was an incredibly expensive year for us, a year of holidays, that and after purchasing our first home in 2016 it was so expensive.

This has left me a little low on money, so avoiding was the best way I saw fit. I’m a person of temptation. Avoiding meant I knew I wouldn’t be tempted to purchase things that I just don’t need, and simply don’t have the money for.

Sale shopping

That was until I spotted a blue jumper in the River Island sale from an email I received, a jumper I couldn’t justify spending the full £38 price tag on previously. I went to the store to see if it existed, searched through the jumbles and succeeded. Not only that, this was all I picked up.

I went home with my blue jumper feeling incredibly happy and excited about my purchase. It was something I needed, and rifling through the jumbles was totally worth it.

Similarly, I heard talk of the M&S yellow sticker sale, meaning everything had been reduced again. I only have a handful of work outfits so again I decided to brave it. Everything was organised by type of clothing but that was about it. Everything was in a jumble, precisely what I don’t like, but I did it.

I searched and searched, and managed to find an amazing pair of smart work trousers, a culotte pair that fitted me perfectly. They cost just over £10, reduced from £49.99.

My final sale pick was a Winter embroidered dress, the one I’m wearing, from Zara. As I’m sure you can imagine if you’ve ever been into a Zara during the sale, it was crazy. Clothes were strewn everywhere in my local store the day I decided to go. But, again I managed to find another bargain, £10, reduced from £29.99.

Another bargain, the bargain that made me start to think differently and start learning to love sale shopping. I not only picked up only things I needed, but I saved up to 80% by searching. By braving the jumbles of mess.

Next time I decide to go sale shopping, I’ll remind myself it’s worth learning to love sale shopping. The mess provides the bargains.

Do you enjoy sale shopping? Or, is it something for you to learn too?