Lush Boxing Day Christmas sale haul

Lush Christmas sale

Lush is a shop that I’m absolutely obsessed with but it is also a shop that I don’t often treat myself from throughout the year. I adore the products, so the one time they do have a sale I tend to go a little bit crazy and pick up quite a few things. Today’s post is all about what I picked up in this year’s Lush Boxing Day Christmas sale.

Lush Christmas sale


The Snow Fairy scent from Lush is a lot of people’s favourite, as well as my own, so I had to pick up the Snow Fairy Jelly bath bomb. It is a super sweet as candy fragrance that is seriously delectable. The jelly bath bombs are a recent introduction to Lush but they are a luxurious bath product that, when melted create a jelly layer on the top of the bath. It does disappear with time but it’s super cool and makes your bath incredibly moisturising too.

The next one I picked up was the only one I actually picked up before Christmas too, and is the Christmas Sweater bath bomb. It has a very warming, slightly spicy scent, and as the bath bomb works its magic it creates the most beautiful array of colours, pinks and oranges blended together.

The Sherbet Dip bath bomb was actually a last minute decision after I couldn’t resist the strong lemon-y fragrance, with a bit of lime mixed in. I kind of wish I picked up a couple of these, as I think it may end up being a favourite.

I also picked up a Thunder Snow bath bomb, the one with the pretty blue and green design. This one is a mix of awakening peppermint and comforting cocoa so I can’t wait to see what this one is like. It even has some popping candy in it.

A favourite of the bath bombs I picked up last year was the Never Mind the Ballistics bath bomb so of course, I had to pick up 2. This one is super unique as it is not only your regular bath bomb but half of the bath bomb has also been coated in a bath oil, giving you the added benefits of a bath oil too. As to the fragrance, it’s quite hard to describe as it’s a bit of an odd combination, fruity with a bit of sweetness, but it is absolutely incredible, I adore it.

The last bath bombs I picked up were 3 of the Butterbear bath bombs. These are one of the cheapest bath bombs that Lush do but are also one of my favourites as they have cocoa within so always leave my skin super soft.

Lush Christmas sale


Lush bubble bars are one of my absolute favourite bath products from Lush, purely as, unlike a bath bomb you can get several uses out of them. The first one I went for was the Plum Snow bubble bar, a super large bubble bar that has a sweet, fruity fragrance to it. I haven’t tried it yet but I can’t wait too as all the reviews say how soft the bubbles are if that makes sense, and it leaves the water purple.

The next one I picked up was the Christmas Cracker bubble bar. I absolutely love that this one is shaped like a cracker and it’s another one that’s quite large so I should easily get a few baths out of this one. It has a soft lemon-y smell to it.

The Man in the Moon bubble bar was another one I couldn’t resist, the quirky design really caught my attention. It’s another one with a citrus-y smell to it, but it also has cocoa butter and olibanum oil within to leave your skin silky soft.

The final one I picked up is more of the typical fragrance I go for in Lush, the candied kind of smell, and is the Magic Wand bubble bar. This carries the same scent as snow fairy, a scent I adore, so it will be amazing to use in combination with my Snow Fairy bath bomb.

Lush shower gels


Shower gels are something that I rarely pick up from Lush, but I do adore their shower gels, so as it was the sale I decided to pick up a few. Even though I received a Rose Jam shower gel for Christmas, it is my absolute favourite ever fragrance from Lush, so I picked up a backup too. I’m not sure what it is about it, but I absolutely adore the light floral rose fragrance rose jam has.

I also picked up a Snow Fairy shower gel, to go along with all the other Snow Fairy bits I picked up. This has the same sweet as candy scent that is very hard to resist. The smell of this literally smells like a Lush store to me.

The final shower gel I went for is one I have actually never tried before and is the Bubbly shower gel. This one has a delectable orange scent to it, it’s very zesty with a bit of sweetness mixed in. It will be the perfect shower gel to wake you up in the morning.

To end my haul I picked up a Salt and Peppermint Bark scrub last minute. I’ve only tried one scrub bar from Lush before and I adored how moisturising it was even though it was scrub, so when I noticed the strong uplifting peppermint smell I couldn’t resist. I can’t wait to start using this.

Did you pick up anything in the Lush Boxing Day Christmas sale? Did you try any of the bits I picked up over the festive period?

Lush Boxing Day Christmas sale haul


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