5 favourite remedies to try for dry, chapped lips

5 favourites to try for dry lips

I don’t know about you but as soon as the weather drops not only does my skin suffer, my lips really start to suffer too. I get chapped lips way too easily for my liking, so there are several products I always have to hand to try and keep this at bay. Today’s post is all about my 5 favourite lip remedy products which really help with my chapped and dry lips.

5 favourites to try for dry lips


The Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub is a product that I always have in my makeup bag without fail. It’s the product I tend to start my lip routine with as it really helps buff away any dead skin on my dry lips leaving a lovely smooth lip, perfect for the application of a lip balm. I absolutely adore all of the lip scrubs from Lush but this has always been my favourite for the gorgeous bubblegum flavour that tastes amazing, yes I know the aim of the product isn’t too eat it, but you do have to lick the product off so it is kind-of important.

5 favourites to try for dry lips


The Nuxe Reve de Miel is a product that used to be talked about constantly in the blogosphere, but I don’t hear so much about it anymore. It’s a product I adore but one that I go through stages with using and loving as you can really feel it on your lips. It’s quite a thick formula that works best before bed as a kind of overnight lip mask, but it really is amazing. Whenever my lips get super bad this is the one I always reach for. If you haven’t tried this product from Nuxe it’s one you really need too.


Another favourite product remedy of mine to help with dry lips has to be the Blistex Intensive Moisturiser. I absolutely love this product as I find it instantly soothes my dry lips and really helps with preventing them from chapping. It’s a product I mentioned in my 2017 beauty favourites and it’s a product I honestly don’t think I could be without now.


The Nivea Original Lip Balm is probably the most basic of lip products in today’s post but it is honestly amazing. It is one I always find myself going back too. It isn’t as thick as the previous two balms I’ve mentioned but it still really works. I tend to use this one in-between the other two products, when my lips are slightly less dry. It seems to stop them from getting worse, is so light on the skin, and works as a great base prior to lipstick application.

5 lip remedy products for dry lips


The Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfect in shade 01 is a little different in that it is not a dry lips remedy, but it is a favourite of mine for dry lips. I love that the formula nourishes them after they’ve been treated, adding the extra moisture but also adding a hint of colour. This shade, 01, is a gorgeous light pink shade that is barely there but just adds a little something. It’s one I reach for to use over the top of a lip balm when my lips are particularly dry.

What are your favourite remedies for dry, chapped lips?

5 lip remedy products for dry lips

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