Favourite foundations I keep reaching for

Favourite foundations

I don’t know about you but the foundation I reach for depends on a number of things, from how my skin is looking, to if my skin is dry, or to generally what kind of finish I’m wanting. That being said there are a few foundations that I’ve been reaching for a lot lately, so today’s post is all about those ones, my current 4 favourite foundations.

Favourite foundations


The Ordinary Serum foundation is the first one I had to mention; it is the one I reach for when I don’t want to be able to really feel my foundation, and my skin is feeling a little dry. It’s an incredibly liquid-y formula that also feels super lightweight, something I love. It has a gorgeous soft matte finish and provides me with light to medium coverage. It really is one to try, especially at the incredibly low price.

As a side note, I do love the coverage foundation from The Ordinary too, and often switch between them both, but this is the one I’ve been reaching for since November.

Favourite foundations


When I’m looking for a slightly glowy-er, healthier-looking base I have been reaching for the Bourjois Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue foundation*. This has a gorgeous healthy finish, if you hadn’t guessed, that has a lovely natural glow to it. I instantly feel like I look more awake as soon as I’ve put this one on. I really love it. The coverage is medium but it can be built up too, so it is perfect for everyday. I do have to wear this with a primer if I don’t want it to break up around my nose but I honestly don’t mind that to get the gorgeous finish.

Favourite foundations


Next up is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Light foundation, the one I reach for if I know I’ve got a long day at work, or I’m going somewhere straight after work, or I’m just busy. It’s the one foundation in my collection that I know will still be on my face at the end of the day. Wear may be visible but it won’t have completely disappeared off my face like some do, and I don’t even need to wear a primer for this result. I absolutely love that I can rely on it and the way it looks on the skin. It has a medium coverage with a soft matte finish.

Favourite foudations


If I’m after a flawless finish and going out for the evening the Urban Decay All Nighter foundation is always the one I reach for. I absolutely adore how flawless it makes my skin looks, it’s one that makes me feel amazing. It also lasts really well which means I never need to worry about it fading over the course of an evening. I love this one so much, and it’s probably one of my all-time favourite foundations.

What are your favourite foundations that you’ve been reaching for lately? Have you tried any of the ones I’ve mentioned?

Favourite foundations

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