Keeping warm in cold weather, while travelling

Keeping warm in cold weather

Can you believe how cold it is in the UK at the moment? Waking up to ice everywhere and walking to work in minus temperatures definitely isn’t one of my favourite things to do, but travelling and exploring colder destinations is something I don’t mind as much. If you haven’t guessed already I absolutely love travelling and exploring the world, it’s one of my favourite things to do (if only I had more money, haha).

Last year we went on our first proper winter holiday, a trip to Iceland, which was amazing! I just wish I’d brought more winter clothes with me so I didn’t freeze to death. One of my other dream cold/winter destinations to visit would be Finland. I mentioned Finland in my recent travel wishlist, and today’s post is all about how I would plan to keep warm in the cold weather while visiting Finland.

If I were to visit Finland my dream would be to stay in a glass igloo, I’m not sure why, but it’s something I can imagine would be incredibly dreamy. There’s even a resort in Kakslauttanen that’s famous for being an amazing place to see the Northern Lights, and as I only saw the Northern Lights very faintly in Iceland this would literally be a dream for me.

As I’m writing this post it’s -16 degrees there, so a tad colder than here… apparently. Anyway, here’s a few things I would bring or buy to keep warm in Finland, although I think they’d also be useful in the UK at the moment.


When I’m absolutely freezing, or as soon as it gets cold, the blanket throws immediately come out. There’s nothing better than being wrapped in a super large throw. They keep you nice and toasty and they also make rooms look cosier, which helps you forget about the cold. I would definitely make sure to bring a couple to Finland to wrap up in, possibly picking up some new ones from Julian Charles.


Cushions may not exactly keep you warm but they’re another item that always makes everything just look that little bit cosier and comfier. I’m not sure if I would pack my own but I’d definitely pick some up when I got there or ask for them at reception, being comfortable when you’re freezing is an essential. I’m the kind of person that would build a fort out of cushions wrapped in blankets to gaze at the Northern Lights.


Just in case the throws and cushions aren’t keeping me warm enough I would make sure to bring my hot water bottle too. A hot water bottle always instantly warms me up, and is great to pop in the bed to warm it up before getting in.


When we went to Iceland thermal socks were an absolute lifesaver, as apparently I thought wearing tights would be a good idea (it wasn’t). I don’t know about you but my feet and hands are always one of the first things that get cold so thermal socks and gloves would be an essential for me.


I mentioned drinking hot drinks in my post about how to create the perfect cosy evening, but drinking something warm really does make you forget about how cold it is, and instantly warms you (and your hands) up so is the perfect addition. My favourite choice would have to be a hot chocolate, or one of the Whittard instant teas that I can’t seem to get enough of lately.


Okay, this might not be something I would be able to bring with me or even have in an igloo but if I could I would love to have a fire, perhaps in a log cabin. Cosying up by the fire definitely sounds like one of the cosiest ways to keep warm.  I can’t wait for the day we have a fire in our own house in the UK.

Where would be your dream cold holiday destination? Have you caught my travel wishlist post?

Keeping warm in cold weather

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