A birthday makeup look

birthday makeup look

Seeing as my birthday is somehow only 5 days away, I thought I would share a birthday makeup look. I’ve mentioned before that when I’m doing my makeup for an evening out or a special occasion I usually reach for the Urban Decay All Nighter foundation without fail, but for this makeup look I decided to switch things up and use the It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream* instead, a product that I mentioned in Friday’s post.

birthday makeup look

To start creating this makeup look, instead of simply applying my primer followed by my base, I decided to mix the two products together before applying. I pop a pea-sized amount of the Becca First Light Priming filter onto my hand, followed by two pumps of the It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream*. I then mix the two together before using my trusty Eco Tools Makeup Sponge to bounce the products onto my face.

I found this left quite a glowy finish, something I love in my base, but it did leave my skin looking slightly less flawless than usual, and with less coverage.

birthday makeup look

Following this, I go into the Benefit Brow Zings brow powder and use an angle brush to shape my eyebrows and add some definition, whilst giving my base makeup a couple of minutes to settle down. I also apply the Benefit Gimme Brow to add a bit of extra definition.

Once my eyebrows are done I go back to complete my base using the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye concealer*. I warm this up between my fingers before popping the tiniest amount under my eyes and on the annoying little spots I currently have.

This brightens my eyes up with ease and looks amazing when first applied. In Friday’s post I mentioned that I am struggling a little bit with the formula, if you look at the final makeup look at the bottom of this post you can kind-of see what I meant that I can’t seem to get the full coverage on my spots, so I think I’ll use a different concealer for this next time.

To finish off my base I use my beloved Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder in Diffused Light to set everything in place and to add a lovely natural glow to my skin. I adore this one, if you can’t tell by how much I’ve hit pan, oops.

birthday makeup look

Now my base is all done, it’s time to head into the Colourpop Dream St. Kathleen Lights Shadow palette, a gorgeous palette I picked up in my recent Colourpop haul. I start by picking up a fluffy eye brush and popping this into the shade Magical (2nd on the top row) and pop this into my crease blending like crazy. This adds a peachy tone and acts as a transition shade.

I then use an angled brush with the shade Spark (4th on the middle row), a bright neon red that is a lot less scary than it seems to look in the photo above. I pop this into the crease and outer third of my eyelid, and blend like crazy again. This adds some depth to this makeup look.

Following this, I use a small pencil style brush with the shade next to Spark, Potion, and pop this directly into the line of the crease and towards the outer third on my eyelid, if that makes sense. I then go back to my fluffy eye brush and blend like crazy again to blend all three shades seamlessly before going into the final shade.

Once everything is blended and looks a lot softer, I go into Twinkle (4th on the first row) with a flat brush and pack the rose gold shade onto the inner half of my eyelid. I blend the edges of this shade so it merges with the other shades, but only softly to keep the pop of different colour but get rid of the harsh lines.

The eye look is now so close to being completed, but the final step is to add Spark to the outer third under my lash line, Potion to the middle third, and Twinkle to the inner third using a shorter flat but dense brush. This allows you to easily add the shades and blend, mirroring the main eye makeup look.

The final step to finish off your eyes is to go in with the Benefit Bad Girl Bang mascara to add extra volume and length to your lashes.

birthday makeup look

Now my eyes are completed its time to add some bronzer to warm up the face using the It Cosmetics Ombre Radiance bronzer*. I pop this on using a super large fluffy brush in a 3 shape from the top of my face to under my cheekbone, to under my chin. I also pop some on my neck to add a little warmth there too.

I then went in with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Summer Highlighting powder from the Sundipped Glow Kit, and applied this lightly on the tops of my cheekbones up to the top of my eyebrows, to add a light highlighting glow.

Finally, I use a Colourpop Lux lipstick in the shade On Display and apply this to my lips. This is a gorgeous, bold, bright pinky-red shade that not only feels incredibly comfortable on the lips, but also completes this birthday makeup look.

Birthday makeup look

And here’s the final birthday makeup look, have you used any of the products I’ve used to create this makeup look? Is this a makeup look you would re-create?

birthday makeup look


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