Dream honeymoon destinations

Honeymoon destination

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If you have read my blog for a while then you might know that I got engaged last year, in Thailand, to the love of my life. While we aren’t planning on getting married quite yet, we have visited a few venues, started our research, have discussed our honeymoon, and honeymoon destinations, plenty of times.

Something you probably already know is that one of my favourite things to do is travel, so our honeymoon will be an opportunity to splurge a little bit on a dream honeymoon destination, probably something a little more luxurious than normal. Today’s post is all about the places I’ve literally dreamed of going to; the destinations that would create a dream honeymoon for me.


I’m not sure what it is about St Lucia but this is somewhere I’ve always dreamed of going to, it’s the honeymoon destination that always comes up when we talk about our wedding and honeymoon, and one that is on my travel bucket list. From the white sand beaches to the clear blue sea and sky, with the added mix of adventure available, it sounds perfect for us. We love a mix of relaxing and exploring on our holidays.

I’d love to be super brave and go on a zip line adventure through the rainforest or even a bike ride around, before heading back to enjoy the gorgeous beaches. St Lucia really is the dream honeymoon destination. It’s one of luxury that has endless possibilities to provide both a relaxed honeymoon but one also full of adventure. Plus, it’s in the Carribean. There is even a volcano that you can drive in, which sounds super cool to me.


St Lucia is pretty much the place we’re planning on going for our honeymoon, but if we had all the money in the world, the dream honeymoon would be travelling to a few other dream destinations too. If we were to do this the Maldives would have to be included! It is another incredible destination with clear blue seas and white sand. The Maldives looks absolutely stunning and would be a great place to truly relax and simply enjoy time with your other half after the wedding. Imagine, being able to say you’ve been to the Maldives too?


Another beautiful honeymoon destination that I would love to visit is Cancun, a destination on the edge of the Caribbean sea. Again it has some gorgeous clear blue seas and white sand beaches, something that to me is essential for a honeymoon holiday, can you tell we like a nice beach? Known for it’s array of restaurants and cocktails, the slightly busier destination would make a great addition to our dream honeymoon. I’d also make the most of being able to go on an excursion to see the Chichen Itza while here too.


As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, Luke and I got engaged in Thailand, so going back to Thailand would be something that would be not only incredibly sentimental, but a wonderful, dream way to end our honeymoon. Thailand is such a beautiful country, with sea bluer than I could ever have imagined, so to see it again and explore other parts of Thailand would literally be an absolute dream.

I am obsessed with elephants so when we went away last July we made sure to visit an elephant sanctuary that rescues elephants. The sanctuary we went to is linked to a much larger one in Chang Mai, which I would love to visit. I’d also love to go to Bangkok to take in the city life too, and of course, take a trip back to Phuket. If we were to go back I would probably take a look at Destination2 Thailand holiday deals before booking.

Where would you like to go on your honeymoon? Have you thought about it yet?

Honeymoon destinations

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