5 reasons why you & I should stop worrying

stop worrying

As a complete worry-wart and constantly being told that I don’t need to worry, I thought I would share a few reasons why we, including me, should stop worrying so much. Self-care is something that I think is so important and is something I’ve been trying to incorporate more and more, and worrying is something that really doesn’t help too well with self-care. If you’re anything like me it just makes you stress about things even more, so here is 5 reasons why you & I should stop worrying.


Now when I say this, I don’t mean that literally, no-one else cares, but that those around you are probably just as happy with your decision as you. And, well, if they’re not, maybe they shouldn’t be in your life. As blunt as it may sound just think for a moment, if you were to miss a blog post or post it slightly late, would people really care? No, people read your content for a reason, so would still be there when your next post goes live or that post goes up a bit later.

stop worrying


Web MD is probably one of the worst things to ever look at when you’re researching your symptoms. Scrap that, googling your symptoms in general is a terrible idea. Web MD always convinces you that you’re dying and that you even have other symptoms that you didn’t think about before, which in turn makes you believe it even more. After losing my dad when I was younger quite suddenly I used to be the absolute worst with this, constantly thinking I was dying, or had something seriously wrong with me. If you’ve got symptoms you’re worried about it’s probably much better to go to the actual doctors.

stop worrying


One thing you literally can’t predict is the future, just because it looks and feels like something in particular is going to happen doesn’t mean it will. For example, if you’re thinking 5 years down the line your life could be completely different at this point. You could be in a new job, a new relationship, be engaged, have new friends, have a family, moved house, the list is literally endless. 5 years ago I would never have thought I would be engaged, own my own flat or got a job in the marketing industry.

stop worrying


Leading on from my last point, all the time that you spend worrying is just wasting the time that you could be putting to better use doing things you can actually control in the here and now. I realise this is easier said than done, especially if you’re feeling down, but a lot of the time I know I find myself worrying about things in the future, and things that have already happened, these are literally out of control. They’ve either already happened or haven’t happened yet, so try to enjoy the current moment and do things you enjoy instead of worrying unnecessarily.

stop worrying


Sometimes making a decision, especially big decisions, can be a massive cause for worrying. I always spend days worrying about big decisions as I always think about the what ifs and whys, but at the end of the day whatever decision you make is the right one. Otherwise, why would you do it? The decision you make is the one that underneath you know is right for whatever reason, and always will be the right decision for you at that time in your life.

Are you a worrier like me? Do you think it’s important to try and worry less?

stop worrying

The Violet Blonde