6 more ways to increase your Pinterest reach

How I increased my Pinterest reach to 2 million

Since writing my last blog post all about 6 ways to increase your Pinterest reach, my Pinterest reach has continually grown alongside my followers. My reach last September when I wrote my previous post was 38.2k, this has now gone up by 52,500% to a monthly Pinterest reach of 2 million. I don’t know about you, but to me, that is absolutely insane. With that in mind, and the fact that my followers have also quadrupled I thought it was about time I shared 6 more ways to increase your Pinterest reach.

How I increased my Pinterest reach to 2 million


Pinterest is essentially a search engine as opposed to a social media platform. It shows up in google and people search Pinterest for particular things, therefore having more keywords and making the most of the characters available is key. For example; if I had a post about a beauty haul that I was sharing on Pinterest, aside from the title, I would ensure to mention any brands in the description, the type of products and a few more phrases and different variations of the title of the blog post. This helps you ensure the maximum reach possible by hopefully showing up your photos in more searches.


Tailwind is an absolute gamechanger for me, and could be for you too. It has a range of features including allowing you to schedule your pins so they pin to your various boards over a set period of time. This means you don’t have to pin one photo to several boards at once, or remember to go back and pin them, Tailwind will do this for you and spread them out. Once you’ve written a post you can pin all your photos quickly with ease, and that’s Pinterest done. Spreading out your pins also allows your post to obtain more reach, by appearing in the recently added feed, and your followers feed more frequently.


Leading on from the last point, Tailwind also has something called tailwind tribes. This is kind of similar to a group board on Pinterest, but within Tailwind itself. It allows you to pin photos from your blog posts directly into a tribe, which is then open to all members in the tribe to add your pin to their queue, to then be pinned to their boards. I don’t use this nearly as much as I used to as I am on the lowest plan and they’ve unfortunately added a cap so I can only add so much to these tribes… but, I do regularly look at the amount of shares, repins and reach I’ve received from any tribe and simply pin a couple of photos from my blog to the best tribes I’m a member of. Since the capped change, this has slowed down my click-through rate but I am still getting click-throughs and believe tailwind tribes are worth it in the long run.

How I increased my Pinterest reach to 2 million


I can’t believe I didn’t include this one in my last Pinterest post, and it may be an obvious one but it isn’t a board that everyone thinks of creating. Having a blog or business board means your viewers have one place to view purely your content, this is the board that sells you and your business. Also, make sure you rearrange your boards so your blog or business board is the first board people see when they click on your profile. Just don’t forget to still pin your photos to other relevant boards too.


Featured boards are something that I only started using at the end of last year and I honestly can’t believe I missed this feature previously. If you go into the settings section on your profile, selecting featured boards allows you to choose your 5 best boards to rotate at the top of your profile, you can see what I mean by looking at my profile here. This helps draw people’s attention to hopefully follow these boards and click on them, and maybe even click through to your posts. I suggest using the 5 boards which show off what your profile or blog is about, and if you are a blogger or a business, make sure to include your blog or business board here.


If you hover over photos on my blog then you may notice a little Pinterest save button appears, having a button like this allows people to easily save your post on their Pinterest to read later, or because they enjoyed it, or for others to view. Similarly, I have share buttons that will always appear at the bottom of your screen, one of these is linked to Pinterest and allows you to do the same thing as the little Pinterest save button. In the long run, this hopefully encourages people to save your content, view it again, or encourage others to take a look too.

Pinterest really is all about sharing, thinking of it as a search engine, and constantly using it. Using these tips and the 6 in my previous post, my reach seems to be evergrowing, which is incredible. It’s definitely a platform I recommend paying attention too, and I can 100% say you won’t regret it.

The Violet Blonde