I’m pregnant & the first trimester


So, if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter then you probably already know my super exciting news – I’m pregnant! If you read my blog regularly then you may have noticed my lack of posting, and slowness with everything blogging and social media, so it’s super amazing to finally be able to share why, I mean super amazing! I feel like it’s been our little secret for so long now.

I still can’t believe there is a baby growing inside me, but we are both so incredibly excited, and now as I’m finally in the second trimester I thought I would share the news on here and tell you all about how the first trimester has been for me.


This was the day we found out I was pregnant, an incredible, amazing moment. After missing my period but still having cramps I had an inkling something was up so decided to go and pick up a couple of pregnancy tests, and tampons (lol). I picked up the ones which display the word pregnant as for some reason I felt they were more trustworthy; low and behold they came back super quickly displaying the word pregnant. I couldn’t believe it so ran to tell Luke who responded with a big grin and a cuddle and that’s where the start of this amazing journey began.

Looking back my heart rate had increased, I was super hot all the time but I’m normally an iceberg, and I had also had implantation bleeding. All things that could have easily led to me knowing I was pregnant, but neither of us clicked.


When week 5 started the pregnancy hunger kicked in, and to be honest I don’t think it’s stopped yet. I’m super hungry 24/7, oh and super tired, but the amazing thing about being super tired early on was that I actually slept through the nights for about two weeks, something I never do. I was also incredibly lucky in that I didn’t seem to be suffering from nausea or sickness. There were a few occasions that I felt really sick, but it was nowhere near as bad as I expected and I’ve heard some people’s experiences were awful. Oh, and the other symptom I had was pregnancy bloat, that made me look much further along than I actually was.

Aside from the pregnancy symptoms, weeks 5-8 were a little scary for us too. I started bleeding, which naturally terrified me. I hadn’t really heard of people bleeding in pregnancy other than the implantation stage, so I really thought something was wrong and that I was losing our baby that we were so excited about. This resulted in a hasty trip to Southampton A&E and the early pregnancy unit (EPU), but luckily we saw our baby, so tiny at this stage but it was clearly there and had a strong heartbeat already that made me fall in love even more, but they couldn’t find a cause for the bleeding.


We left feeling much happier and on a high, but a few days later the bleeding started again. It was more spotting but still scary, and all I could think about was, is our baby still okay!? In the end, we decided to have a scan privately at 8 weeks which turned out to be an incredible experience. The scan showed our baby had developed and everything was okay but once again they couldn’t find a cause for the bleeding.

WEEKS 9-10

Weeks 9 and 10 were when I stopped sleeping through again, but having seen the baby growing and moving I allowed myself to start to get excited again and to believe we were actually going to have this baby …until I bled again. However, once more everything was okay, and this time the lovely nurse at the EPU explained why the bleeding might be happening even if they can’t see why. This made me feel far more at ease, and come to terms with the fact that it can be normal to bleed in pregnancy with no real cause found. This is something that probably scares people, but as I never expected it, I really wish I had heard of stories where people had bled and their baby was completely fine, so I didn’t want to not include this as it’s very much been a part of the first trimester for me.

In week 9 we bought a fetal doppler for peace of mind, so I could attempt to find the heartbeat myself. Just after bleeding this time around, I was incredibly lucky to find the heartbeat for the first time at 9 weeks +4 days so I did kind of know things were okay, but that doesn’t necessarily stop a crazy worrier like me from worrying. The heartbeat still wasn’t something I could find regularly as our baby was so small at this point, but I know it will reassure me once it does become easier.


WEEKS 11-12

I’m super pleased to say that since our 10-week scan, aside from 1 tiny episode of bleeding I haven’t bled again!!! Weeks 11-12 were big weeks for us, this was when we announced our pregnancy and that we were expecting our first child, which was so incredibly wonderful to finally tell the world. As much as I’ve loved it being our little secret, I’ve shown from quite early on, especially with the bloating, so it was nice to finally not have to hide it anymore and to be able to tell the world and talk about it with everyone. The bloating has now stopped, but I do have a bump, and quite a noticeable one for this early on.

Week 11 & 12 is also the first time I really started to experience cravings, the main one I have is for cod and chips. Prior to becoming pregnant, bar the odd bit of cod I’d stolen from Luke, I hadn’t actually eaten fish in about 15 years, so I’m not sure where this has come from, but cod really is the best thing in the world right now but at least it’s healthy (kind of), unlike McDonald’s McFlurry’s which I’m also way too keen on. Yes, I’m crazy. (I’m going with the excuse that I like the sea and holidays for these cravings)

We also started to pick up our first baby bits this week to celebrate that we were now over 10 weeks and getting ever closer to that 12-week mark, that I feel like has taken forever. This made everything feel even more real and exciting, if that’s even possible. I’ve also been able to find the baby daily on our fetal doppler since about 10 and a half weeks, which is the most amazing and reassuring sound.




As I finish writing this, we are nearly in week 14 and finally out of the first trimester and in the second trimester, I feel like I can now slowly start to relax. I really can’t believe we’ve got to this stage already considering everything. I’m so incredibly excited to see my body grow, feel our baby kick and eventually meet our baby in November. We had our 12-week scan last week at 13 weeks, and whilst our baby was being awkward being a gymnast standing on his/her head, it was amazing to see them again. I did try wiggling but baby was clearly quite comfortable, only moving between the headstand and handstand position.

I’ve started taking bump photos and will be bringing my pregnancy to my blog. The regular beauty posts aren’t going to stop, but this pregnancy is something I really want to document and share with you all, along with the extra lifestyle posts I’ve already started doing. It’s such an incredible and exciting journey that I can’t wait to continue with and welcome our baby into the world later in the year.

Is there anything, in particular, that you would like me to post about? If you’ve been pregnant or are currently pregnant what have your symptoms been like in the first trimester in comparison to mine?

The Violet Blonde