Introducing Laboratoire SVR skincare

SVR skincare

Laboratoire SVR skincare is a skincare brand that I was super lucky to receive some products from, products that I was super excited to try when they popped through the post in the middle of April. Everything from the pale packaging to the fact that their products have the highest dose possible of dermatological active ingredients that is said to not affect skin tolerance. As someone with quite sensitive skin, this sounds ideal. Having used the four products I received for the past month I really wanted to share my first impressions with you all; there’s one product I haven’t got on with and one in particular that I absolutely adore.

SVR skincare


The SVR Sensifine Make-Up Removing Cleanser is the first product I laid eyes on. It’s from their Sensifine range, a range designed to be both intensely soothing and hydrating, and is said to be 100% safe for intolerant skin. The range also has 0% fragrance, parabens, alcohol, silicone, colourant, surfactant, mineral oil, paraffin, lanolin and allergens.

The Sensifine Makeup-Up Removing Cleanser (Dermo-Nettoyant) is a cleanser designed to remove makeup in a single swipe without rubbing sensitive or intolerant skin. It’s a cleanser that doesn’t even need to be rinsed. The formula is quite creamy and reminds me of my favourite L’Oreal Fine Flowers cleanser, only a little thicker. It’s very effective at removing my makeup but I do tend to rinse it off as this is my preference. I have given it ago without water too, which I’ve found to work well too, but I do find you need a couple of swipes to get rid of any mascara.

The cleanser leaves my skin feeling incredibly clean and nourished, which is great if you do suffer from drier skin patches on your face like me. It also doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin.


The SVR Sensifine Dermo-Soothing Fluid is the second product from the Sensifine that I’ve been trying, and is actually the product that I have fallen in love with. The Dermo-Soothing Fluid is a moisturiser designed to be just as sensitive to your skin as the Sensifine Make-Up Removing Cleanser, but it is also designed to moisturise and reduce skin reactivity.

The formula is a white cream that when rubbed into the skin is quite fluid, but sinks in quickly. Despite being such a light moisturiser you can instantly feel the moisture in your skin. It’s an incredibly gentle product that really seems to help with redness on my skin. I’ve been using it as my morning moisturiser and I am so glad to have had the chance to try it.

If you try one product from my post today, this is the one I seriously recommend picking up.

SVR skincare


The third product I have been trying is another makeup remover, their Physiopure Make-Up Remover, this time from their Physiopure range. The Physiopure range is a range where all the products include Oxygenating Magnesium, an ingredient fundamental in the cellular respiration process and in energy reproduction. The range is softly fragranced with floral and marine notes.

The SVR Physiopure Make-Up Remover is designed specifically for people with dry skin. The formula is said to melt onto the skin and eliminate the impurities. The formula is white, creamy and more fluid than the cleanser from the Sensifine range but one that actually seems to irritate my skin if it’s left on for more than a few seconds. When I use my cleansers I like to pop them on the skin and leave them for a few minutes a few times a week as a quick face mask, but when I did this I could feel my skin tightening and becoming red.

If I do just rinse the product off it does work effectively as a cleanser, but after experiencing a reaction a few times I stopped using this. The idea of the range and cleanser is something I love, so if your skin is less sensitive than mine then you may not experience this, but if your skin can be a little sensitive this is something to consider.


The final product I have been trying is the SVR Physiopure Toner. This toner is designed to be the final step in your cleansing routine before starting with serums and moisturisers. It is said to remove every last impurity preparing the skin for the products you use following this.

The liquid formula feels very refreshing on my skin and definitely leaves it feeling like it is prepared for moisturising. I don’t tend to always use toners in my skincare routine so I wouldn’t like to say whether I find it removes every last impurity but it definitely leaves it feeling clean and is a product I have been enjoying. Unlike the Physiopure Make-Up remover, it doesn’t make my skin feel tight or red, it seems to be a lot more delicate on my sensitive skin, not irritating it.

Have you tried Laboratoire SVR skincare before?

Laboratoire SVR skincare



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