Week 14 to week 17 pregnancy update and gender reveal

14-17 weeks pregnancy update

After announcing my pregnancy last month and sharing my experience of the first trimester, I thought it was about time I share my next pregnancy update and share some bumpie shots from the last few weeks. Since announcing and sharing our news we have had so much love in person and on social media which is incredible, so a big thank you to everyone. 4 weeks have passed and as I write this I’m now in my 18th week of pregnancy!!

On one hand time seems to be going slowly, but on the other hand, I can’t believe that in just 2 weeks time I will already be just over halfway through my pregnancy, and halfway towards meeting our little baby. A baby that’s growing inside of me!


Now I’m well and truly in the second trimester any feelings of nausea have pretty much completely disappeared. I was incredibly lucky and haven’t really suffered with morning sickness at all, but if I don’t eat soon enough then I do feel suddenly very ill, and waves of nausea seem to go over me. On that note, the pregnancy hunger hasn’t stopped at all, I am hungry all the time! McFlurries, and cod and chips are both something I’m still loving, but I haven’t experienced any new cravings really.

I’m also still incredibly tired, one of my pregnancy apps mentioned that over weeks 17-19 the baby more than doubles in size so it’s not surprising really, but it can still be frustrating at times. I’ve been and still am very busy at work with running events, which means early starts and late finishes, something I am finding more difficult than usual – so I am counting down to my two weeks of annual leave, and our last holiday together as two, to Italy. I’m so incredibly excited!

I mentioned in my first pregnancy update post all about the first trimester, that bleeding was very much a part of the first trimester for me. I’ve only bled once in these 4 weeks which has been a nice change, but it did result in another trip to the EPU, where our babies heartbeat was literally found immediately, so no-one was concerned. I’m just really hoping that was the last of it for me.

I’ve also started to experience growing pains a lot more regularly. They don’t seem to be every day but I am noticing strong pains every few days, mainly in my lower stomach. I think this is round ligament pain and have been told this is all very normal, and just signs that my body is growing to accommodate our baby growing as I move further along in my pregnancy.

My bump has grown an incredible amount too. I’ve shown from very early on but I seem to have literally popped in the last week and it looks as if our baby has moved up which makes sense with where the uterus currently is.


Now, this is probably one of the most exciting symptoms of pregnancy and is so much more than a symptom. From what I can gather in your first pregnancy you tend to feel the babies first movements, known as flutters between weeks 16-20 and baby then starts to get into a regular routine towards the 24-week mark.

However, I’ve been extremely lucky and have felt flutters for a little while now, kind of like light butterflies. During week 16 these got so much stronger, kind of as if our baby is wiggling inside me which is a really cool feeling. I have been feeling these stronger flutters throughout the end of week 16 and the first half of week 17, but annoyingly they seem to have stopped.

As baby is still so small this is probably to be expected, they’re probably too busy sleeping from all the growing, but after experiencing those stronger feelings all I want to do is feel our baby kick and have the stronger flutters back again. My fingers are crossed that this happens sooner than later.



Ahh, the most exciting part of this post. We went for an early gender scan at exactly 16 weeks because I’m way too impatient and… we are having a baby girl!! You have no idea how hard it was to write the start of this post without referring to our baby girl as a she! We are so incredibly excited by this news!

She was misbehaving so it took the lovely sonographer a while to find out her gender. She was wiggling everywhere, but refusing to uncross her legs! It was the most incredible experience and just amazing to see her again.

We even got a sneak-peak in 4D which I really wasn’t expecting to be all that clear, but as you can see it was still incredibly clear for the gestation, and even clearer in person. Baby girl looked as if she was sighing… clearly a hard life growing in the womb lol.

If you’re considering a gender scan yourself I really do recommend it. We went with Window to the Womb purely because they had the earliest availibility but they were amazing if you hadn’t guessed already. And, it’s so nice to refer to her as a little girl now too. We even have a name, which we aren’t sharing until she’s born but it’s so nice to refer to her by her name ourselves and call her our baby girl.


Since discovering we’re having a little girl we may have already picked up a fair bit of girly bits for her, including quite a few sleepsuits. We have also been incredibly lucky to receive a few as gifts, and one of my best friends mums is knitting her a cardi!

We’ve also already made the biggest purchase and picked up her travel system, due to an amazing offer that was hard to resist. We have it up and all I want to do is play with it and push it around. I can’t believe that in just a few months time there will be an actual baby in there, our baby. It’s such an amazing, indescribable feeling.

If you’re currently pregnant what have your symptoms been like? And if you’re not and your planning on having children, do you think you will be finding out the sex of your baby?

14-17 weeks pregnancy update & gender reveal