Week 18 to week 21 pregnancy update

second trimester pregnancy update

Since sharing my last pregnancy update and revealing that we’re having a little girl, another four weeks have passed. I still can’t make my mind up if my pregnancy is going fast or slow, as I can’t believe I’m now over half way but it still feels like it’s going super slowly for me. I’m sure that will suddenly change soon though!

Anyway, that being said, as I’m about to enter week 23 I thought I would finally share my pregnancy update from the last four weeks (ish) of my pregnancy, weeks 18-21.


I’m now in about the middle of the second trimester and feel like I have been quite lucky symptom-wise. I’m still incredibly tired, and I don’t think this is going to change any time soon, I’m not sure where the second-trimester glow and energy is, but I suppose it’s preparing me for our little one’s arrival later this year.

I have still had growing pains on and off, but this is something I expect with our baby girl growing so much. They get stronger every now and then, before completely disappearing again, so definitely cope-able. One of my apps has told me that she is now the proportions she will be when she’s born, so will spend a lot of the rest of my pregnancy growing and putting on fat preparing her to enter the big wide world.

She has certainly grown, my bump seems to be growing by the day. With her growing I’m starting to feel super huge and can feel the weight of her from time to time, as if she’s set herself super comfortable and putting all her weight down pressurising an area.

We went away travelling across Italy for our last holiday as two over the last couple of weeks and I definitely struggled. It was incredibly hot which meant I got tired a lot easier, my legs and hips ached, and my legs also swelled and rubbed. The joys – but, it will all be so worth it. My bump is also starting to ache from time to time if I bend over.

The other couple of symptoms I’ve had are an incredibly ache-y shoulder when sleeping (?), and my left arm doesn’t seem to like being raised for too long. It’s kind off as if all the blood has gone from half of my arm if that makes any sense, and it takes a little while to kick in.

Lastly, I’ve had my first experience of heartburn, but luckily have only had it for a very short period a couple of times so far.


In my last update, I mentioned I had started to feel my favourite symptom of pregnancy, movement. I mentioned I was experiencing flutters but these have now turned into much stronger flutters and kicks.

Our baby seems to be starting to move a lot more and I felt my first proper kick on the outside halfway through week 21 on the last day of June which was an incredible feeling, especially after baby had been super quiet since arriving on holiday.

Even though you’re not meant to be feeling regular movement until 24 weeks when you start to feel them move it doesn’t half make you worry when they go quiet. Luckily, since we’ve been back (the Sunday before I hit week 22) I’ve felt her quite a bit and on our way back she moved the most I’ve ever felt, lots of kicks and wiggles. Fingers crossed this continues, and Luke gets to feel her soon too.

second trimester pregnancy update


My next midwife appointment isn’t actually until I’m 25 weeks so you’ll probably hear about it in my next update, but I have had my 20-week scan, the anomaly scan at the hospital. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I felt my 12-week scan was very rushed, but this one was amazing.

It wasn’t as clear as the private one we had at 16 weeks understandably, but the sonographer checked everything was okay with baby and talked us through what she was doing, pointing out the blood going through her heart, her stomach, brain, liver, skeleton etc. She also confirmed that our little one is definitely a girl, which after it taking a while to find out the gender at our 16-week scan it was amazing to hear this confirmation.

I know this scan isn’t about the gender and is to check everything was okay, but it really was incredible, just crazy to think we won’t see her again until she’s here in November!


I wasn’t sure whether to mention this, but I don’t know that many people who are pregnant or who have had babies, and with pregnancy, there is something you always seem to be worrying about and/or have questions about. When I first found out I was pregnant, after googling every symptom under the sun I discovered mum forums, and in turn, found an amazing Facebook group.

Everyone in this private group is expecting in November and I honestly don’t know how I would cope without this group. Any question anyone has, there’s so much support and it has been an amazing resource for me. So, if you happen to be pregnant and in a similar position to me, I thoroughly recommend having a look at forums or Facebook groups, these girls are all amazing.


With our holiday the last two weeks we’ve laid back on the purchases a little bit, but have made the most of the sales. We’ve been to Zara, Next and Mothercare, and even picked up an amazing second-hand bundle bargain from Facebook marketplace.

If you’re currently pregnant what have your symptoms been like, and what purchases have you made so far? If you’d like a peek at some of my favourite clothing purchases for our little girl please let me know too.

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