Jisp – the new app you need if you love to shop


Do you love shopping, but tend to shop regularly online? Whether it’s out of ease or convenience, we all do it, even if shopping online just isn’t the same experience as shopping in-store. A couple of weeks ago I was invited to the launch of a new app to combat this, an app to help save the high street, an app to encourage you to physically go out to the store to shop; Jisp.

Jisp is an app designed to be your personal shopper in your pocket, an app that finds the very best deals in high street stores and restaurants near you. Southampton is actually the fourth city for the app to launch in, it is an app continually growing. Jisp already has a range of brands onboard including; Yankee Candle, River Island, Whittard of Chelsea and TGI Fridays.

But, anyway more about the app, and what we learned at the fun event that even started with their version of Supermarket Sweep (yes, it was as fun as it sounds).



When you open the app you are greeted with the main menu, and if you select shopping this is where you will start to find your offers. You can simply search for offers based on your location, type of place, if you’re bored (things like the cinema) or by ‘hungry’ if you’re looking for a restaurant. Jisp will then tell you the various offers available based on your selection. For example; Yankee Candle currently has 10% off as a Jisp exclusive, but other offers in-store include 10 melts and votives for £12.00, and 25% off the fragrance of the month every month.

I don’t know about you, but this sounds amazing. I’m constantly searching for the cheapest price, especially with being pregnant and buying baby things, so offers are not only super tempting but very handy to see in one place.

Jisp also has competitions that run daily, vouchers and Love Rewards. Love Rewards is a particularly cool feature as it is loyalty points that you can gain on top of any of your regular loyalty cards, but these points can later be turned into a discount for that store in that location so it encourages you to return to the high street.


JispHERE is probably my favourite feature of the app, the feature that draws me in and makes me keep checking the app. It’s essentially video Instagram for stores and your friends but in chronological order.

It is a geo-located video sharing feature that allows anyone on the app to upload or record a video and pin it to a certain location. As a blogger or a small business, this would be a great way to share your posts, what you’re selling and sneak peeks of everything and anything. If you are a shop it’s a great way to tempt people to come closer by sharing videos of new products, new brands or new offers.

It’s a great way to entice people to take a look further, and essentially promote yourself with ease. You could even upload a vlog providing a sneak peek into how you produce content or make a particular product.

With the geo-location feature JispHERE means that when you’re out and about you’ll not only have access to offers, but access to everything that’s going on around you, and the ability to find new things. If you only want to share these videos privately you can do this too, or you can set them to public and set a radius as to how close you want people to be able to see your video.

It’s a really clever feature, and really is one worth taking a look at.

Jisp is available on both the Apple and Android stores for free, and is looking to expand nationwide so keep an eye for when the app is available near you.

Do you prefer to online shop? How would you feel if there weren’t any high street stores?

The Violet Blonde