Week 22 to week 25 pregnancy update

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As I am getting ever closer to that third-trimester pregnancy mark I still feel like my pregnancy is going slowly. Since my last pregnancy update, it has gone from triple figures to double figures, until our little girl is due. This is crazy but it doesn’t change how slowly it feels to me if that makes any sense.

I am currently halfway through week 26 of my pregnancy, so it’s time to share what’s been going on in the last four weeks of my pregnancy, it’s time for a week 22 to week 25 pregnancy update.


As I mentioned previously I am so close to entering the third trimester now, it is literally two weeks away. With that, baby is starting to grow a lot more which comes with more symptoms.

The second-trimester glow is still yet to exist to me although I have been told I look really well, so I’m taking that as a compliment. I am still very tired, growing a baby is hard work for my body so it is only natural I feel this way.

The big one for me over the last four weeks, however, has been my hips. When I was born my hip joints weren’t formed correctly, which was fixed, but it has always still popped out every now and then so I don’t think my right one was 100% corrected. With this, I’ve had a few niggly pains in my hips but over the last week especially (week 25) this pain has got a lot worse, alongside some lower back pain. If you follow me on Instagram then you will have seen me mention this and the fact that I have finally given in to buying a maternity pillow so fingers crossed this helps.

Growing pains haven’t really been a thing over the last four weeks which is a nice change, but my bump itself has grown a lot. According to my app by the end of week 25 she is likely to weigh just over 2lbs so this definitely makes sense. I look at my bump in the mirror, and can’t believe the size of it and that it’s still going to grow, I love having a bump but it is still crazy.

The incredibly ache-y shoulder when sleeping I mentioned last time still exists and I’d be very surprised if this changes now, but it’s definitely cope-able.

Lastly, heartburn has increased, I’m still lucky as I only seem to get it in short bursts, but over the last few weeks, I seem to have had heartburn more regularly.


Movement is still very much my favourite symptom during pregnancy, but this little one has been enjoying making me panic over the last four weeks. I mentioned I felt my first proper kick on the outside in week 21 in my last update, well since then the movement has only increased.

I’ve started to feel baby girl move a lot more, but until the end of week 25 she decided to be super active for a few days before going super quiet barely kicking me and making me worry. Feeling her is amazing, but when you suddenly don’t feel those movements it doesn’t half make you worry, even if I knew in my head she wasn’t in a full routine yet, as they’re supposed to be from about 24 weeks.

This resulted in a call to our MAU (maternity assessment unit) who asked me to come in. Everything was all well, they checked her heartbeat and did a load of other checks on me, which made me feel much better. They were actually incredible and said if I still wasn’t happy with her movements in a couple of days to call back which really reassured me.

Since then, last Thursday at 25+2 she seems to have figured out her movements and gotten stronger ever since. She spent the majority of last Thursday doing rolls in my stomach and nothing else, I think she may have been impressed with her new trick. And, since last Thursday she hasn’t stopped being active and is kicking regularly at random times, all the time. She also seems to like sticking either her bum or head out every now and then, which makes my bump look so strange.

The final big thing I have to mention is Luke finally felt her move over the weekend, yey! We hadn’t managed to catch this yet as whenever he put his hand here she went quiet, so her stronger moves have definitely helped with this. Definitely an amazing moment for us all.

It’s amazing to be feeling her move so much now and really reassures more that she’s okay in there. Fingers crossed, this continues for the rest of my pregnancy.

22 to 25 weeks pregnancy update


I don’t really have anything to say here but as I mentioned I’d probably have an update I thought I’d write something, but I got the dates wrong. My midwife appointment is actually at 26+3 so you will hear about this next time, but I will say I can’t wait for this appointment. It feels like it has been such a long time, and I really want to know how she’s measuring, even if it fundal height isn’t the most accurate method.


Since my last appointment, the main new thing we have purchased is her drawers. Shopping in the sales has meant we’ve picked up quite a bit but with nowhere to store anything the majority has been sitting on our bedroom floor, so it was amazing to finally buy this and put everything away.

We’ve also created a list of what we still need to buy so have been picking up a few things off of this as and when they’ve been on offer. We may have also purchased a few Autumnal pieces for her as I couldn’t resist… baby clothes are too cute!

If you’re currently pregnant how have your symptoms been? Have you got any favourite purchases?

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