Aldi baby haul

Baby Aldi haul

If you’ve been following my blog or even Instagram for a little while, then you’re probably aware that I’m currently pregnant with our first baby due in November. With this comes a need to buy all things baby… We were recently kindly gifted £30 of Aldi vouchers so we headed to Aldi during there Aldi baby event to pick up a few things for our baby girl.

Aldi baby haul


A baby essential is definitely nappies, so of course, this had to be the first thing we picked up. I’ve heard so many good things about Aldi nappies so providing these work for our baby girl Aldi Mamia nappies are likely to be the brand of nappies we regularly buy, and at under a £1 for the size 1, I really don’t think you can go wrong.

Aldi baby haul


The second thing we picked up is something I’ve seen for a while but simply haven’t taken the plunge as it definitely isn’t a necessity, is the Aldi baby changing clutch in the cloud print. As soon as I saw this and spotted the neutral cloud print I knew we had to have it, and luckily Luke agreed. It’s something that I think will be super handy when we’re out and about, and means we don’t always have to take the full changing bag when we change the little one’s nappy. It’s a lot smaller than our changing bag, but has everything you need including a changing mat! If we’re popping out for a short walk I’m sure we could get away with taking this alone too.

Aldi baby haul


As a lover of elephants, this was something I just had to have for her as soon as I spotted it. It’s large, colourful and has a teething surface for when she’s a little bigger. It’s something I’m hoping will easily catch her attention due to the bright colours. It even has different textures for her to start to discover.


I haven’t quite decided 100% if we’ll be using dummies, but with me planning on breastfeeding I’m sure dummies will be useful to soothe her rather than my boobs sometimes. These are orthodontic dummies too, which is something very important to me if we are going to use a dummy, and they also promote natural sucking. Aldi has a variety of these in store too for different ages in all kinds of bright designs, something I really like.


Baby books are something I want to get more of in time, as I love the idea of including reading in her routine as she gets bigger, even if she’s not quite sure what we’re talking about. I thought both of these two would be great books to start of a little collection, one for the bath and one to encourage counting when she gets closer to toddler age.

Aldi baby haul


A non-necessity but something I really wanted was a backseat mirror so we can see baby from the front of the car in her carseat, but the last place I expected to come across this was Aldi. I haven’t opened this one up or done anything with it since purchasing but as long as it holds in place I’m sure it does exactly what I want, and means we can easily keep an eye on baby girl from the front of the car.

Aldi baby haul


This is actually something we purchased separately ourselves before we received these vouchers, literally because it only cost £19.99. I couldn’t not include it as I still can’t believe how much of a bargain this is when a sleepyhead is £100+. It can’t be used within the babies crib or cot as it is designed only for supervised use, unlike the sleepyhead, but it is exactly what we personally want in a baby nest. It’s something easy to transport for baby to nap and means I can jump in the shower, knowing she is safe, and easily keep an eye on her whilst she naps – perfect! I love the quirky design too, so if you’re expecting and after something similar keep an eye out for an Aldi baby and toddler event in case something similar comes about again.

What are your must have baby items? Did you pick anything up in the recent Aldi baby and toddler event?

The Violet Blonde

We were kindly gifted £30 of Aldi vouchers to spend at Aldi on their baby products, but as always all thoughts and opinions are my own.