Week 26 to week 29 pregnancy update

25-29 weeks pregnancy update

So we are now officially in the third trimester and close to single digits in the weekly countdown to our little girl making her entrance to the world. I can’t quite believe I’m this far in my pregnancy, but even though I know I’ve said it so many times it also still feels super slow to me in some ways!

I am currently nearing week 31 of my pregnancy, so it’s time to share another update about what’s been going on in the last four weeks of my pregnancy, a week 26 to week 29 pregnancy update.


In all honesty, my symptoms haven’t changed too much since my last pregnancy update. I never felt the second trimester glow that you’re supposed to have and the tiredness has continued into the third trimester, but that’s okay, I’m growing a baby and she’s worth it.

My hip pain that had started to get worse in week 25 has continued to get worse, meaning it has made everyday things difficult and after a long day at work I can spend a lot of the evenings in pain. I also struggle when I’ve done quite a lot of walking, but I find it difficult to stay in and not go outdoors, especially on the weekends so this has just been something I’ve been dealing with. I can get stuck in positions, and sometimes need Luke’s help to move, but I have got a physio appointment coming up in week 31. I kind of feel like it’s a bit late in the day to be starting this but it’s worth a go to see if it does make a difference.

The other symptom that has happened in the last few weeks is bleeding again in week 27, after no bleeding for 11 weeks previously. I haven’t really said much about this anywhere but it scared me like crazy, and as I’m being completely honest I’m not going to skip over it. Luckily, our little girl was absolutely fine and it hasn’t happened again since, thankfully, but it did involve an overnight stay in hospital¬†and no cause was found again :(.

Other than the hip pain, tiredness and general exhaustion I’ve think I’ve been quite lucky symptom wise and there hasn’t been many other symptoms. She is definitely getting heavier and I can really feel the weight of her, but she is now mainly putting on weight so it’s kind of to be expected. The heartburn did get worse at the beginning of these four weeks but it seems to have randomly disappeared, only appearing every now and then, which I’m definitely happy about.


I’ve said this every time I’ve mentioned movement in my pregnancy journey but it is still very much my favourite¬†pregnancy symptom. It’s amazing to be able to feel her moving, but also the strangest thing in the world if that makes any sense.

Over the last four weeks, her movements have continued to increase, but I’ve been feeling fewer kicks and more whole body movements as if she is wiggling her bum. She also seems to enjoy kicking the bed when I’m laying on my side and I have felt a few higher up kicks, but not as many as some people seem to feel in their own pregnancies.

I also think she is finally starting to get in a little bit of her own routine, starting the day with a few wiggles, wiggling some more when I get home from work and even more a bit later on, and then generally being pretty active all day on the weekends. I don’t think she likes work too much as this is always when she’s quietest, which sometimes worries me, but it’s also probably because I’m more relaxed in the evenings and weekends I suppose.

25-29 weeks pregnancy update


So, since my last pregnancy update, I’ve actually had both my 26 and 28 week midwife appointments. Alongside the standard midwife things, my 26 week midwife appointment was the first one my fundal height was measured – our baby girl is measuring 1cm ahead, but anywhere 3cm above or below is considered normal, as long as they follow their own growth pattern.

I also had my next lot of blood checks done at my 28 week appointment and we were told that she is already head-down and 1/5 engaged! I wasn’t expecting this news so early but it’s nice to know that she’s heading in the right direction, and as it is my first baby I believe she isn’t likely to become unengaged or move from head-down now she has made that first move.


We’ve actually been pretty good since my last pregnancy update and haven’t really brought much in the last four weeks other than a few smaller items which were on our list and a personalised babygrow for her first outfit which has her name on. I have fallen in love with the Jellycat Fuddlewurdle elephant soft toy, but so far we have been good and resisted, or should I say I’ve resisted for us.

We have also picked up a few things for my hospital bag too, something I plan to get ready in a few weeks or so, just so it is done and I don’t have to worry. I’ve also decided I really want to knit her a baby blanket and a pair of little knitted shoes so I’ve purchased some knitting supplies… but I am currently failing at this, so you’ll have to wait and see if I get anywhere with this.

Her changing table is the last big thing we need to get really, as we won’t be getting her cotbed until she grows out of the rocking crib we have purchased for her, so this is likely to be our next purchase.

If you’re currently pregnant what have your symptoms been? Are you ready for your arrival?


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