Week 30 to week 34 pregnancy update

pregnancy update

So we are now well and truly into the final trimester, and the final week’s countdown until my due date. I cannot quite believe we are now in the single digit countdown and that next month we will literally be having our baby girl!

I am currently about half way through week 35 of my pregnancy so I thought it was about time I share another pregnancy update about what’s been going on in the last five weeks of my pregnancy, a week 30 to week 34 pregnancy update.


Once again my symptoms haven’t changed too much since my last update, with the hips and exhaustion/tiredness remaining my biggest problem. I have just started maternity leave, so hopefully, with more time to do things at my own pace I might have a little more energy and my hips may be a little better.

I think the thing I need to remember is that I am quite heavily pregnant now I’ve reached 35 weeks, so I do need to take things at a slower pace and attempt to relax, even if this is something I’m terrible at.

I’m also really grateful to say that since my last episode of bleeding at 27 weeks this hasn’t happened again, so that’s a big yey! Another symptom is that I’m incredibly emotional, but with such a big, amazing thing about to happen in my life, it really isn’t that surprising, especially when I’m quite an emotional person anyway!

Amazingly I’m still yet to have any stretch marks on my bump, though I’m sure this will come. However, I have got a couple on the left side of my lower back (??) and the inside of my upper left leg (??), two very strange places as far as I’m concerned. I’ve used a couple of creams/oils randomly throughout, but I very much have the opinion that if you’re going to get stretch marks, you’re going to, and there’s nothing you can do about it.


Back to my favourite symptom, her movements have only increased since my last update. Baby girl seems to have gotten much stronger but her movements have remained very much her wiggling her bum the majority of the time. She doesn’t always kick the bed anymore, but now seems to have discovered that she has legs that can stretch, as she kicks ones of them out several times a day and I can feel and see a little ball pop out which I assume is her foot. It’s amazing the strange shapes she manages to turn my belly into!

Her routine has remained very active, but we have had one bout of reduced movements where she decided to stay silent all day. Luckily, once connected to the monitor at the hospital she did a couple of movements and everything was shown to be all okay. I think it’s her just trying to scare me and making me worry before she’s even here!

pregnancy update


Since my last update, I’ve had both my 31 and 34 week midwife appointments. These were both fairly similar appointments just checking everything was okay in general, including the usual urine samples, blood pressure checks, wellbeing questions, fundal measurements and listening to our babies heartbeat.

Little one is now measuring half a cm behind, which did slightly worry me as it is a little drop, but the midwife isn’t concerned at all as she is still clearly growing. Baby girl is also still 1/5 engaged which is great news, fingers crossed she is fully engaged by my next midwife appointment at 36 weeks.

I also had my physio group appointment during weeks 30 to 34, which to be honest I didn’t find overly helpful. They gave us a sheet of paper and went through a few different positions which could help, and tips that could help too. Some of these tips included things like making sure you stand up on both feet at the same time, things I already knew from my own research.


Once again, we’ve actually been pretty good since my last update but we have now purchased a changing table. I always hear such good things but the storage is already amazing so I’m glad we went for it in the end. We also picked up a baby memory book and were kindly gifted some clothes from my mum, and a few bits from three of my closest friends.

The knitting I mentioned last time has turned out to be a fail so far… I have figured it out, but seem to not have enough string in between the two needles which makes it really tricky. It’s probably me, so I will try again or try crochet at some point to try and make her some things, but in the mean time I think we’ll be buying her a grey cellular blanket with a satin trim instead. I also still want to pick her up that Jellycat Fuddlewurdle elephant I mentioned last time.


A new section, but as I’m getting closer something I wanted to mention that I’m worrying more about now, is her hips. I believe I’ve mentioned before when I was born my hips weren’t fully formed, with the part holding the ball being straight resulting in me needing a splint when I was a baby. This is something that seems to be genetic in our family, with the person who has it having a baby with dodgy hips too.

With that in mind, I really want to know if her hips are okay or if they’re not, but this is something I won’t know until she is born. If she does have the dodgy hips I know she’ll be absolutely fine as it can be corrected, but it doesn’t stop me worrying and wanting to know for certain.

If you’re currently pregnant, what have your symptoms been? Are you nearly ready for your new arrival?

The Violet Blonde