Week 35 to week 37 pregnancy update

Can you believe I am now considered full term in terms of pregnancy, now I am beyond 37 weeks? Even though I always say I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever I seriously can’t believe that our little girl is due any day now.

As we are so close and I am now over halfway through week 38, I wanted to share another pregnancy update sooner than later, so this update is on the last 3 weeks of my pregnancy, a week 35 to week 37 pregnancy update.


Since my last update, my symptoms have remained primarily the same, although the exhaustion/tiredness and my hip pain seems a lot better now I am on maternity leave. I still get tired easily, need breaks more regularly and my hips hurt quite a bit after a busier day, but as I am able to do this in my own pace it seems much better.

I am still waking in the night needing to swap sides that I’m sleeping on, but again this is quite cope-able and something I’m very much used to doing now and likely due to the pressure on either side of my hips. Little one is also fully engaged, something I can definitely feel too, as she is very heavy in my pelvis so probably doesn’t help this situation, but hey, she’s worth it.

Stretch-mark wise I’m feeling incredibly lucky as I still don’t have any on my bump, but I’m not keeping my hopes up quite yet. I am still using some creams on my bump, tops of my legs, and on my hips, but only every few days. I should really do it more, but as I don’t necessarily think it’s something that can be controlled I am being lazy.

A new symptom or more one I haven’t really mentioned before is the swelling, my hands and feet are swollen, as are my legs. I didn’t really notice this too much until we took some couple bump photos and I put some boots on my feet for the first time in forever and I could feel how tight they were, definitely not comfortable to wear properly.


Back to my favourite symptom, movements have only increased again. Over the last three weeks baby girl’s movements have primarily remained quite similar, just stronger, with her wiggling her bum and kicking her leg out. Over the last week she has decided her favourite side is my left, and I can now see her knee popping out on occasion turning my belly to even crazier shapes.

I’ve had a few occasions where I’ve had literally two lumps sticking out of my belly with her wiggling around, definitely crazy. I had one more bout of reduced movements at 35 weeks so was referred for a growth scan which I’ll talk about later in this post, but everything was okay once she was checked over, and no-one was too worried, just our baby girl trying to scare me again!


Since my last update, I’ve had my 36-week midwife appointment and the growth scan I mentioned a moment ago. The growth scan wasn’t the greatest experience as the sonographer I had didn’t really talk through what she was doing, want to answer my questions or even attempt to look at the gender or take a photo, but I did see her little heart pumping away and it confirmed everything was okay so that’s the main thing. I was also told our little girl weighed roughly 6lb at 35+3, so a great weight that’s apparently about average.

The 36-week midwife appointment itself was a big one because it was time to discuss my birth plan! We started my going through all the general checks checking all was okay was okay, including the usual urine samples, blood pressure checks, wellbeing questions, fundal measurements and listening to our babies heartbeat.

Baby girl is measuring 36cm fundal height-wise at 36-weeks so perfectly, and we also got the news that baby girl is fully engaged – yey! Or she is 3/5 engaged, but we’ve been told this is as much as she is likely to be until she is literally on her way out (lol).

My midwife also went through my growth scan for me at my appointment so this was incredibly helpful and allowed me to know what the scan actually told them, and we learnt that her legs are measuring slightly longer than usual, which is no surprise when her daddy is 6ft2.

Once this was done we started on the birth plan and going through each of my choices. I had already actually written up my plan in advance as I’ve done quite a bit of research prior to the appointment so knew what I wanted. I have opted to hopefully birth in a midwife-led unit at the New Forest Birth Centre, have a waterbirth with as minimal pain relief as possible and plan to be active throughout labour. If you’d like to know a little more please let me know and I can write a post on my birth plan.


I’m not sure we have actually purchased anything for baby girl since my last pregnancy update, other than a grey cellular blanket with a silk edge. I’ve found a lot of the cellular blankets to be quite hard in texture and I really wanted her to have one softer one that was a bit nicer, that she can keep as she grows up, so found one at John Lewis which is lovely and soft, just what I was looking for.

The only other thing we have purchased is a couple of final things for the hospital bag, including a cheapy black towel, clary sage oil and arnica tablets for after. Now, we just need baby girl to make an appearance in the world – we are so ready to meet her :)!

If you’re currently pregnant, what have your symptoms been? Are you ready for your new arrival?

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