Where to contour? What goes wear?

It’s easy to say contouring helps create shadows on the face, and highlight certain features but where do you start? This is something I myself have only properly grasped recently. I have contoured for a while, but just wasn’t sure if I was contouring in the right places so I thought a perfect post would be on this to help you guys. Below is a picture with colour coded markings that I’m going to be talking through:

The orange marking is for blush, pink is for highlighting and purple is for bronzing.

My two top tips would be:
1) Remember little product is always more, you can always build up product/colour but it is harder to tone down without starting again.

2) Make sure you’ve got the correct tools, tools you yourself are comfortable using.
To start with I would suggest applying the colour, the blush. This goes in the apples of your cheeks, the centre that pops out. 

Following this I then highlight my face. Highlighting does exactly what it sounds like, it highlights certain features of your face that you want to stand out. This is normally applied just below your brow bone, along the middle of your nose, above your blush along the top of your cheek bone, and on your cupid’s bow.

Lastly I bronze my face using bronzing powder. This is the product that creates shadows on your face, helping the overall contouring and defining of features. The best way to apply this I would say is in an exaggerated number three on the left hand side, and a backwards three on the opposite side. In short, it goes along the side of your face, and just below your cheekbone.
That is all there is to the art of basic contouring, it really is that simple, I hope it helps some of you :).