Snappy Stylers review.

I saw a Youtube video, and voila I had to find the tool that looked so easy to create a perfect bun. That’s when these snappy tools came into my life.
What are they? Well they remind me of those old snap bracelets back in the 90’s but essentially they are a hair tool used to create different styles, one including the ‘perfect bun’. 
It looks like two of those snap bracelets attached together. You simply gather all of your hair and place it inbetween each of the snappy stylers, and then fold. Start towards the bottom of your hair folding inwards until you reach the head. Then all you do is snap the snappy stylers and curl them into that bun shape, and spread your hair to ensure the entire styler is not visible.
It really is that simple, I was stunned at how easy it was and love the easy hair-up style.
Have you tried a snappy styler yourself? You can find them in poundland if you fancy giving one ago.
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