Benefit Roller Lash review.

 One of the most exciting launches being released next month is the Benefit Roller Lash. I finally got my hands on the latest copy of Elle to give the product a try myself.

Benefit’s Roller Lash is designed to lift your lashes creating longer and more curled lashes. Interestingly they were designed on old-school velcro rollers meaning the wand has small rubber grips to carefully coat your lashes whilst lifting them.

If I am honest I wasn’t expecting to love this mascara as much as I do. You see I am not particularly fond of the much-loved Benefit They’re Real mascara, however Benefit’s Roller Lash is really something else.

The brush is ever so tiny but does easily hook onto my lashes coating them in mascara. I’m not so sure on the lifting and curling part, however saying that they do look more curled than usual in my photograph. The thing I love about this mascara though is the fact it easily coats and extends my lashes, but without clumping them altogether! Now that’s impressive; and what I disliked about the They’re Real Mascara.

Overall I am very impressed with this mascara, and will continue using it. At this rate I think this mascara is definitely going to be on my wish list on its release date.

What do you think of the results achieved? Have you picked up the latest copy of Elle?
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