Gym goodies.

Now we’ve hit February I have decided to re-join the gym with an aim to tone up ready for Sping/Summer. Of course this meant purchasing a few bits to add to my existing collection.
I picked up a new pair of fitness trainers from Primark for just £8. I’d love a pair of Nike Airs but can’t justify spending that kind of money at the moment. These are black with slight pink design and fit snug around the ankles, perfect for running – another thing I really want to start doing, well learn to do first haha.
I also picked up three trainer socks for the bargain price of £2, again from Primark. They each of catchy slogans that instantly made me purchase them no questions asked. I mean socks saying “fierce, strong, and gym fit…” how could I not buy them.
I have really weak wrist so I also decided to pick up some wrist weights. I thought these might also tone up my arms whilst running. I went for a set by USA Pro.
Lastly I picked up a couple of bits by Karrimoor that aren’t photographed. These included a pair of long running leggings as mine are all knee length currently, and a fitness suntop.
I can’t wait to get wearing these bits. What do you think of my new gym goodies?
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