Beauty bits I got for my birthday.

I shared with you all about my birthday day in my last post but today it’s time to share the beauty bits I received. I always like to have a nose at what people get so I hope this is something you want to see and enjoy.

birthday beauty
Dr Jart Soap & Glory

The first product I am going to talk about is one that has been on my wishlist for so long I had actually forgotten about it until my sister asked me what I wanted for my birthday; I was so excited to see you brought it for me. The Dr Jart water fuse BB cream is a beauty balm that has made it’s way around the beauty blogs. It is said to create a “natural, bright and glossy application” to create “natural, fresh looking skin.” I have only tried the product once so far but I definitely love the finish it provided; dewy looking skin.

I also received a long-term favourite of mine; the Soap & Glory 5 in 1 micellar cleansing water. I have tried a fair few micellar water cleansers and can safely say this is the best one I’ve found so far. I love the soft cucumber scent this one has compared to the usual no scent micellar waters seem to have. It instantly awakens my skin in the mornings when I’m getting up and want to start my beauty routine by giving my skin a quick wipe over.

I also got a Soap & Glory Hand Food, can you tell I love Soap and Glory? This is actually one product I haven’t tried, but one I have always wanted to try. It is currently sat by my bedside table so I’ll let you know my thoughts once I’ve used it a bit more.

Lush bubble bar

Ah, Lush goodies… what more can a girl want? I can’t get enough of their products. I received two bubble bars; the Ultraviolet one and the Rose Jam Bubblerooon. The Ultraviolet one has a distinct violet smell, mixed with jasmine and I’m hoping will make my bath purple. It’s one I’ve lusted after since I first saw it. The second is one I’ve tried before – a gorgeous rose smelling bubble bath that fills the whole house.

Katy Perry Killer Queen

The last beauty bit was a perfume from Katy Perry, the Killer Queen’s Royal Revolution. I don’t tend to go for celebrity perfumes but loved the look of the bottle of this and my boy surprised me by purchasing it. 

It’s described as a bold fragrance meant to create an irresistible feel. I’d describe it as a slightly fruity scent mixed with an evening smell somehow – I apologise for my rubbish description haha. It’s very different to any of my other perfumes but I can see it being perfect for Spring/Summer and have been wearing it everyday since I received it.

So there you have it, have you received any surprise beauty bits lately? What are you currently lusting after?