Spending ban round two.

spending ban

If you read my blog on a regular basis you will know that June was a spend crazy month for me – I went on several hauls including a high-end one. I also brought a few new Summer clothing items, and booked a holiday for this month.

That being said I don’t really need anything this month except my Turkish Liras so I decided to put myself on a spending ban from the being of July with the aim of continuing it into August. I have a few rules I have made that I thought I would share in case any of you are placing yourself on a spending ban. 

1) The only beauty items I am allowed to purchase are ones where I literally have no other option meaning that I have to have used up any alternative options before I can make the trip to Boots.

2) I am allowed to buy a maximum of two items from duty free if  I have spare holiday money left on the way back.

3) Once I have used up 10 items I am allowed to purchase one new item.

4) I am allowed to spend a maximum of £50 on anything I like, but it has to be non-beauty related. This can include things like meals.

Are any of you on a spending ban or ever put yourself on one? What’s your tips; did you have any rules?