H&M beauty haul and mini reviews.

Ever since I laid eyes on the new H&M collection I knew I had to at least pick up a few bits. Gold and white packaging – how was I supposed to be able to resist? 

H&M beauty makeup 2015

Having never tried the products but hearing soo many good reviews I think I did pretty well on not going overboard. I picked up two of the High Impact Eye Colours, one Pure Radiance Blush Powder and one Cream Lip Colour.

H&M high impact eyeshadow

I’m not one who normally goes for single eyeshadows as I much prefer palettes,
but after hearing the single eyeshadows’ quality being a higher standard I decided to do something different and opted for the single ones.

I picked up the shades Orange Ochre and Papaya Ice. Orange Ochre is a bright dark orange colour, slightly burnt orange. I thought it would be the perfect colour for Autumn, and it is something I don’t own anything like. Papaya Ice is an orangey-peach toned light pink, which I thought would create the perfect smokey look when paired with Orange Ochre.

As to the quality, I really can’t believe how good they are; they are up there with my favourite Urban Decay eyeshadows. The longevity of the eyeshadows has also really impressed me – I can easily wear them all day and they will still look pretty much the same as when first applied come the end of the day.

H&M lip powder puff 2015

When I picked up the blusher and lipstick I went for shades I thought would complement each other and work really well together.

I picked up the Pure Radiance Blush Powder in the shade Cameo Pink – a gorgeous neutral browny pink shade. It is a really natural shade with just a hint of colour. I again really like the formula of this blusher, but unfortunately I haven’t found the longevity to be quite as good as the eyeshadows. I am tempted to pick up a darker shade to see if this differs.

As to the Cream Lip Colour I picked up the shade Powder Puff – a neutral pink shade. Again it is a very neutral shade, but the pay-off is incredible. The lipstick feels so creamy and moisturising on my lips. It also lasted quite well for a lipstick; I would say about 2-3 hours before it needed touching up.

All in all I am so glad I got my hands on a few bits from the collection. Three out of four products have proved amazing! I cannot wait to pick up some more, in particular the eyeliners as I have heard the formula is amazing, so creamy!

Have you tried anything from H&M’s new beauty range? What have you got your eyes on?