Monthly Eats #1 and Blogmas.

You may have noticed I missed my usual Monday post yesterday, but it was for a very good reason – I have decided I am going to attempt Blogmas. I will still be including my usual content, just writing posts everyday, some might be Christmas themed but they definitely won’t all be. I hope you enjoy.

Anyway, on to today’s post, Monthly Eats. Me and the man tend to enjoy eating out a bit too much so I thought it was about time I share with you all where I’ve been eating out each month. 

1) Cineworld – Not quite eating out but we actually brought popcorn at the cinema when we went to see James Bond, how could I not include it?

2) Bengal Brasserie – A favourite of mine, one of the best curry houses in Southampton in my opinion. 

3) Herbie’s Pizza – Okay fail as it’s a takeaway, but Herbie’s pizza has always been my favourite for the cheesy crust, and this month I treated myself to the expensive pizza.

4) Nando’s – Who can say no to Nando’s?

5) The York Roast Co – A little roast dinner style coffee shop me and the girls found in Salisbury. It was amazing, pork and stuffing, crackling and Yorkshires!

6) Turtle Bay – The place we always go for drinks, if you haven’t been to Turtle Bay you need to go. They sell the most amazing Caribbean cocktails, and have 241 daily 4-7pm and after 10pm. Oh, and they also do the best sweet potato fries.

Where have you eaten out this month? Is there a restaurant you recommend?