The Comforter from Lush review.

lush the comforter

The Comforter has always been my favourite bubble bar from Lush. Recently they also brought out a matching shower cream; how amazing is that?
The Comforter smells absolutely delightful, really relaxing but with a strong scent. It has a blackcurrant fragrance, with bergamot also shining through. To me, it smells of pure lush.
As to the product itself The Comforter bubble bar is particularly large compared to some of the other bubble bars. I probably use about a sixth of the actual product per bath. This is more than enough to fill the entire bath and allow the scent to fill the room. It actually fills my entire flat, and does for a few hours after my bath.

As to the newly released shower gel version of The Comforter, this is just as good. The formula is a cream shower gel but appears quite thin when you actually use it. This threw me, but it still foams really well. The Comforter typical smell is definitely noticable as well. 

All in all, I love the fact Lush have released a matching shower cream formula. It is genuinely as good as the original product, and allows The Comforter smell to linger on my skin for longer. If you haven’t tried this product already, it is definitely worth having  a look at.

What is your favourite bubble bar or shower gel from Lush? Have you tried the shower cream version of The Comforter?