Brunch with @sotonbloggers and the #bloggersball.

Rogues Cafe

Towards the beginning of the month I attended a couple of blogging events for the first time in a while, so today I thought I would share with you all a little bit about those events. I will warn you now that the photos are a mix from my phone and camera, with lighting I’m not used to so are a mix of quality, I hope you don’t mind.

Rogues Cafe
Rogues Cafe

The first event I went to was a brunch with the lovely @sotonbloggers. We all headed to the relatively new cafe in Southampton, Rogues Cafe. I hadn’t been here before but the first thing I noticed was the incredible attention to detail, from the newspaper and magazine cuttings wall, to the quotes and chalkboards dotted around. I absolutely loved this, and it is so different to a lot of cafes in Southampton.

The seating area itself had sleek black tables with red chairs, and a couple of sofas too, adding that extra comfort and homely feel. Downstairs in the main seating area was where I met everyone, and we started by all ordering drinks. I went for a smoothie and was told I could have anything I wanted, how good is that? I decided on a mixed berries smoothie, which was absolutely amazing.

French pancakes Rogues Cafe

After we ordered some food from the multiple choices on the menu, it was hard choosing what to go for. I was a little stuck between the American pancakes or the French toast, but went for French toast in the end.

This was served with delicious stewed berries on top of the brown french toast. Unfortunately I didn’t realise you could choose the bread and I don’t actually like brown bread, but I can imagine this would be amazing on white bread. This definitely wouldn’t stop me from going back, as everything looked amazing. We did have a discount on everything, but the prices are minimal and I would happily pay full price. I definitely recommend taking a visit if you’re around or visiting Southampton, I’ll probably have to get the American pancakes next time.


I absolutely loved our brunch, and it was so nice to catch up with the couple of people I’ve met before and meet a few new faces too. Some of us went and got a little ice cream after at Sprinkles, did some shopping and enjoyed the sunshine. It was a great morning and afternoon.

Browns Old Jewry

The following weekend I decided to be brave and headed to Scarlett London’s event, the #bloggersball. I’m a loud person, but I’m really shy underneath and get very nervous about going to these things alone, so I was glad to meet up with a few other bloggers I had been speaking to previously.

We all met up at King’s Cross when we eventually found each other. I didn’t realise when everyone said let’s meet at Harry Potter 9 3/4’s that this was actually a thing, so I wandered around looking lost for a few minutes even though it was quite obvious where it was. That’s my lack of a sense of direction showing.


I met Chloe, Chloe, Chloe and Chloe, yes there really was four Chloe’s, and we all headed to Bank and found a restaurant close to where the event was being held called Browns Old Jewry. This was super posh, with a really chilled atmosphere. Lauren met us a little later on, and we all ordered chicken club or steak sandwiches for a super early lunch alongside a cocktail. I went for a porn star martini which tasted delicious, as did the sandwich.

The Trading House London

After we headed to the #bloggersball’s venue, The Trading House. Inside we were greeted by Scarlett, prosecco and a beautifully decorated venue, with a large bar in the middle. Around the bar were a lot of brands who we all got to talk to and network with. There were a lot of other bloggers at the event who we got to chat to too.

Candy Kittens

Some of the brands there included Candy Kittens, Lipivir, Eureka Shoes, Mox Ldn and Smooth Skin. It was so great to have the opportunity to talk to some brands. We were also very kindly gifted with a goody bag which had lots of amazing products I can’t wait to try.

I had such a great time attending both events, meeting with bloggers, and brands, and can’t wait to attend more. Have you been to any blogging events recently?