Favourite shower routine products

Favourite shower routine products

This is a bit of a different one, but as there are quite a few body care products that I use in my shower routine that I have been absolutely loving lately, I thought I would share with you all my favourite shower routine products.

Lush shower routine products

The first product that I have to mention is the Palmolive Gourmet Strawberry Touch Body Butter Shower Cream. When the weather is super cold outside my skin is always noticeably drier and feels like it is after a tonne of moisture. This is my favourite product for fixing that, it is essentially an incredibly moisturising shower gel but I really do notice the difference, and if I forget to moisturise or run out of time then this stops it being the ‘end of the world’.

The Lush Body Conditioner is another one that I love for similar reasons, but this time it’s an in-shower moisturiser you use in conjunction with your regular shower gel. I absolutely adore the convenience of using this in the shower, and despite struggling to get past the concept it really does work. It leaves my skin just as moisturised as a regular moisturiser would, and it’s already done before I’ve even left the shower, how good is that?

Up next is another product from Lush, the Lush Scrubee*. I never took a second look at this product before receiving it in a goody bag at the opening of the Lush store in Southampton, but after trying it recently I’ve completely fallen in love. It’s a scrub that not only scrubs your skin but it leaves it feeling super soft too, due to the addition of honey and cocoa, two moisturising ingredients. I also love how easy to use it is, as the product is just ready pick up, hold and go if that makes any sense.

Dove Oxygen shampoo and conditioner

The final two products are actually two I picked up for my holiday to Iceland, but I loved them so much that I’ve actually been using them ever since I’ve been back too. It’s the Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner for fine and flat hair. This literally describes my hair to a tea but I wasn’t expecting this range to actually do anything, but I have to say it really does. No, it doesn’t add mountains of volume to my hair but it does make a noticeable difference and leaves my hair looking a lot more alive, and slightly bouncy and less flat. They’re definitely ones I’ll be purchasing the full-size versions once I finish these up.

What are your favourite shower routine products? Have you tried any of the products I’ve mentioned?

Favourite shower routine products

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