A mainly Charlotte Tilbury makeup look

Charlotte Tilbury makeup look

Charlotte Tilbury is a brand that I have been wanting to try more from for the longest time, so after finally picking up another product and receiving some samples alongside I thought I would share with you another makeup look, a mainly Charlotte Tilbury makeup look. I will be using her Instant Look in a Palette in the shade Beauty Glow, but there are a few other products from other brands too. But, anyway, let’s get on with it.

Charlotte Tilbury makeup look

To start creating this Charlotte Tilbury makeup look I start by using one of the samples I received, the Hollywood Flawless Filter, and applying this all over my face. This hasn’t actually been released yet but oh my, I am absolutely in love with the formula. It’s described as a complexion booster and it really is – it completely brightened up my entire face, left it looking much more flawless and prepped it perfectly for foundation.

I then go to the second sample I received, the Magic Foundation in the lightest shade, and use my trusty Eco Tools beauty sponge to bounce this into my skin. This is actually a product I’ve wanted to try for the longest time, and it is described as a full coverage foundation, but I would say it is more medium to full coverage on me. It is the perfect shade for me and blends in seamlessly on my skin, but from first try I don’t think this foundation is for me, as it creased very quickly under my eyes and around my nose.

Charlotte Tilbury makeup look

Next, I go in with my concealer and use up the last of my Seventeen Stay Time concealer, popping it under my eyes and my chin. This isn’t my favourite concealer but it does do the job and conceals with ease.

To finish off my base the final step was to brush some of the gorgeous Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in the shade Dim Light all over my face to set my base with a large face brush.

Now my base is done, it’s time to neaten up my eyebrows. You may be able to tell, but they currently need a little neaten up so I simply went in with my favourite Benefit Brow Zings and an angular brush to attempt to add a little bit of definition.

Charlotte Tilbury makeup look

The next step is my favourite part, pick up the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette in the shade Beauty Glow and start adding a bit of colour, starting with the eyes. I start by using a fluffy eye brush in the first eyeshadow shade, brighten, and brushing this across my entire eyelids. As the name suggests, this really does instantly brighten up your eyes.

Following this, I go in with an angled brush on the second eyeshadow shade, enhance, and pop this in my crease. I then go back to the blending brush to ensure these two shades are blended together, before going in with the final shade, smoke, on the outer third of my eyelids.

I then go back to blending, which completes the gorgeous glowy eye look that I’ve been obsessed with the last week. I do also add a little bit of highlight to under my eyebrows using the face highlight shade.

Having completed my eyeshadow, it’s time to add a bit of definition and colour to the rest of my face. I start by popping a larger angled brush in the face bronze shade and popping this in a double-c shade on each of my cheeks. I also pop some on a smaller eye makeup brush and blend this on to the middle of my nose to add a bit more definition there.

Next, I go in very lightly with my Spectrum Blush brush on the cheek swish shade and swish this across my cheeks, before going in with the cheek pop shade and popping this on the apples of my cheek. As the darker blush shade is a little darker than I would usually go for on my pale skin, I use my large face brush to give everything a quick blend over.

Finally, I go in with my favourite Spectrum B05 brush into the face highlight shade. I pop this on the top of my cheekbones, the centre of my nose and just above my lip, which creates a lovely natural highlight.

Charlotte Tilbury makeup look

This was when I realised I’d got carried away with the pretty palette and forgotten my mascara, so I go back to today’s mascara of choice, the Benefit Bad Gal Bang mascara and apply two coats. There are such mixed opinions on this one but I’m actually really enjoying it and loving the volume it adds to my lashes with ease. It does clump a little, but I find you can get the worse of this out in a few seconds by using the tips of your nails.

Charlotte Tilbury makeup look

And to complete the entire makeup look, I pop my Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Pillow Talk on my lips, a gorgeous nude pink shade that is one of my favourite ever lipstick finds.

Charlotte Tilbury makeup look

And here’s the final mainly Charlotte Tilbury makeup look, I have to say I’m super impressed with the Instant Look in a Palette, especially the eyeshadow shades. They’re incredibly pigmented and a gorgeous formula, that’s just making me want to try more from Charlotte Tilbury, oops.

Have you tried any of the makeup products I’ve used to create this look? Is this a makeup look you would try?

Charlotte Tilbury makeup look


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