The haircare must-haves

haircare must-haves

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Haircare products are something that I don’t talk about too often over here, well aside from my trusty Batiste dry shampoo. I stick to using a lot of the same products, products that I’ve used for quite a while, and rarely change from. That being said, today’s post is all about the haircare must-haves in my collection, the hair products you need to try.

haircare must-haves


The Natural World Chia Seed Oil Volume & Shine shampoo is not only the largest bottle of shampoo I have ever seen or owned, but is also an amazing product that I always go back to, without fail. I bought it on a whim last year as it was on offer for £5 not really expecting much, but simply because I needed a new shampoo, but I was definitely wrong. This shampoo cleans my hair with ease leaving it super easy to handle after. It also adds a bit more volume than I’m used to, which when you’ve got super fine, flat hair like me, is definitely a win. I love that it’s free from so many things too, and then there’s the best thing, I can get away with only washing my hair once or twice a week with using this. Of course I shower, but I hate washing my hair so anything that makes my hair life a little easier is something that gets me.


I actually use the Clairol Nice’N’Easy hair dye so this product essentially comes with that, but I believe you can now get hold of it separately too. It’s designed to seal the colour in your hair which isn’t something I can really comment on as I’ve always used it so I wouldn’t know any difference, but I do love this product. I tend to use it every other wash and love the result every time. It leaves my hair super sleek, soft and easy to brush through. It always makes my hair feel like it’s being pampered, it’s a product I really don’t think I could live without.

haircare must-haves


This is another haircare product with no parabens, something I don’t necessarily aim to go for, but it’s a nice feature to have. The Body Shop Rainforest Radiance Detangling spray has been a favourite of mine for a few years now as it just works, but it also smells amazing. It easily detangles any knots making my hair so easy to brush through, something that I think is super important in maintaining healthy hair, and stopping it from being pulled out when brushed, useful if you’re suffering from hair loss. You can take a look at FUE hair transplant cost if you want to get at an idea of costs if your hair condition was to ever deteriorate.


The Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine is a product I wanted to try for so long, and one that I actually picked up using Boots points and have fallen in love with. My hair can get quite static after being freshly washed and this really helps with that, whilst adding a little more texture. It isn’t a product I reach for every day but it is a product I love every time I do use it and I always notice a difference.

haircare must-haves


I won’t say too much about this one as there isn’t too much I can say, but I go through these Batiste Dry Shampoos like there’s no tomorrow. It’s the dry shampoo I always go back too. I love how it always revitalises my hair, but that it also adds volume. As I have super fine hair I do actually reach for this when I don’t necessarily need to simply because I love the added volume it provides. It doesn’t seem to clog up my hair either and always washes out with ease. It can leave white marks, but as long as you thoroughly massage it into your hair I don’t find this to be a problem.


Whenever I use the VO5 Smoothly Does It Tame & Shine Heat Defence spray it always reminds me of when I was younger as I’ve used this product for that long. I don’t use heat on my hair other than a hair dryer that often, as I can’t curl my hair for the life of me and don’t straighten it that often, but when I do this is the product I use. Unlike other heat defence sprays, I love that this one isn’t liquid-based and is in an aerosol can.

haircare must-haves


This is another product I picked up on a whim, purely because it was rose gold and I needed a new hair detangling brush, but I have to say I’ve found this brush to be just as good as my usual Tangle Teezers. The bristles range in size on the brush and easily glide through my hair, removing any tangles without pain. I love that it has a proper handle too as this really seems to make it so much easier to handle and use, it’s definitely a haircare must-have for me.

What are your haircare must-haves? Do you use any of the products I’ve mentioned?

haircare must-haves

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