Getting back into fitness

Getting back into fitness

If you follow me on Instagram, then you may have seen a couple of months ago me mention how nervous I was about joining a gym again but that I really wanted to, and that I wanted to get back into fitness. Fast forward two months I’ve now been going to the gym for about 6 weeks and I am actually really enjoying it, so I thought I would share a few things that have helped me get back into fitness, things that could help you get back into fitness too.


One of my biggest fears of rejoining the gym was joining on my own and that everyone would be looking at me, the new girl, the girl who doesn’t know how to use the big boy machines or exactly what she’s doing, but please remember, you are not alone. I was so scared, but decided to just do it one day, and I’m so glad I did. I started with a class, and I was incredibly lucky that two other girls were alone and quite new to the gym too and said hello. Even though at this point I didn’t know these girls I immediately felt far more at ease, so my point is, you could say hello to someone too if you wanted, and even if you don’t you won’t be the only new person there with fears.


If you’re a little unsure then a class is probably a really good way to start. This way, you’re literally not alone, you know there is going to be a class full of people. This also has the added benefit of a fitness trainer to train you. They’ll show you what to do in the class and guide you through different positions or equipment. They’re there to help you and I’ve found will often help you along and will show you how to correct your position if needed.

Getting back into fitness


I don’t know about you but buying a couple of new fitness bits may give you the added bit of a confidence boost you need to get back to the gym, if you want too. The two bits above aren’t actually new but they are some of my favourite fitness wear pieces that I own and definitely help with my confidence levels. Primark also has some amazing bits in at the moment if you’re on a budget.


In one of my first classes in my second week I did a class which involved a range of weights, but even though I noticed most people were using the medium weight, I went for the lightest. This is what I felt comfortable with, and will allow you to get used to the class and weights, and increase with time. When I looked around and saw most people had a heavier weight than me, this did make me really nervous, but actually, no-one really cares. People are generally there to work on their own fitness, and if anything, support others, so you don’t need to worry.


Similar to my point before, people won’t mind, if you need to stop and have a few seconds break just do it. Go at your own pace, and as your fitness or strength increases, you’ll probably find you need to stop less. Your body will also likely thank you for knowing its limits too.

Getting back into fitness


I go through phases of the gym, and when I last went regularly, a couple of years ago, I started using protein powder after. This really helped with my muscles and helped stop them to ache so much, so this is something I’ve started doing from the beginning this time. I was kindly sent a few bits from Goddess Nutrition to try and I’m very glad I did.

The first thing they sent across was a trial set of their complete lean recovery protein* in a variety of flavours. I’ve been using these after the gym to help my muscles recover – my favourite flavour would have to be either the strawberries & cream or Belgian chocolate flavour. I’ve also been trialling their BCAA boost in juicy apple flavour. The BCAA boost* is something I use as my workout drink at the gym as it is said to help reduce tiredness and fatigue and improve focus. The juicy apple flavour is something I can’t make my mind up on the taste, but it kind of tastes like sour apple sweets, so you know! The final thing I have been giving a go is their complete daily multi-vitamins*.

I’m so glad I decided to start using some fitness supplements from the beginning this time as I have found them to really help.

Do you go the gym regularly, and if you do, did you struggle to start with at all?

Getting back into fitness

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