Dick Whittington pantomime at the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton

Ah, December, the Christmas season and that time of you when it’s time for the pantomime season – my favourite! On Monday I headed out for the first time without baby Florence, with the Southampton Bloggers, to watch the local Dick Whittington pantomime which I was kindly invited too.

With the pantomime being led by soap star Steve McFadden playing the evil rodent King Rat, and X Factor winner Joe McElderry playing the title role of Dick Whittington it was sure to be a good show. Other stars include Bobby Davro, Sheila Ferguson, Suzanne Shaw and Andrew Ryan.

Dick Whittington pantomime

Having not seen a Dick Whittington pantomime before and not knowing much about it, I wasn’t sure what to expect… but before I even start this review, I have to say it was absolutely incredible – a brilliant performance that’s very funny.

Dick Whittington pantomime

The pantomime show is based around the tale of Dick Whittington who arrives in rat-infested London with the aim to achieve fame, fortune and romance. The streets are rumoured to be paved with gold, and so the adventure begins.

Dick Whittington pantomime

Dick Whittington’s journey sees him follow a journey of finding love with Alice, becoming the Lord Mayor of London and setting sail for Morocco.

Dick Whittington pantomime
Bobby Davro as Idle Jack

The theatre production literally had me laughing throughout, completely captivated by the cast on stage. They all worked seamlessly with each other, picking each other up. This showed even more when a cast member fell over on stage, so much so, that once you knew they were okay you laughed along with the cast.

Bobby Davro’s jokes were a highlight for me, they were the laugh out loud kind of funny – something totally worth seeing the Christmas pantomime alone for. They literally had much of the audience in hysterics.

It’s a show that is hilarious for all the family, but the adult jokes really were brilliant and excelled anything I’ve seen before.

Dick Whittington pantomime

The staging and music was just as captivating, with the detail of the sets being far beyond my expectations, and the music being a joy to listen to or even sing-along too.

The outfits were just as good, with Andrew Ryan’s outfits as Sarah Cook being a standout. The costumes he wore were extreme but worked so well with his character and you wouldn’t want it any other way, there was even a marmite outfit!

A mention also has to go to the 12 days of Christmas song that was sung in the second half, something so simple and so Christmassy, but the modified version used in the pantomime was brilliant to watch – way more entertaining than you would imagine. It’s hard to explain, but trust me, if you watch this performance of Dick Whittington you will know what I mean.

Dick Whittington pantomime

The show really was beyond incredible, definitely one of my favourite¬†ever pantomimes. I’ve been so busy adjusting to mum life that I haven’t thought too much about Christmas, but this pantomime¬†has 100% got me in the Christmas spirit. The standing ovation at the end said it all.

Directed and Choreographed by Andrew Wright, Dick Whittington at the Mayflower Theatre really is a pantomime worth taking the time to go and see.

Dick Whittington is showing at the Mayflower Theatre until the 6th January 2018, so if you get a chance I thoroughly recommend taking the time to watch this pantomime, so make sure you get some tickets.

Dick Whittington pantomime
The Violet Blonde

The tickets were complimentary and the photos were provided by the Mayflower Theatre, but as always all thought and opinions are my own.