An Easter Lush visit

Seeing as it’s Easter Monday today I thought I would make my post a little bit Easter themed. I headed to Lush in Southampton the other week to have a little look at their Easter goodies. I had in my mind to pick up one Easter goodie, and a bubble bar.

The Easter goodie I went for was the Golden Egg, a bath bomb and bubble bar hybrid. This caught my eye due to the glittery-ness, who can say no to a bit of glitter? It also smells gorgeous, kind of a mix of honey and toffee. It’s said that the egg will fall to the bath before rising and bursting like a normal bath bomb would, with the extra addition of creating bubbles in it’s path. I cannot wait to try this little special edition Easter product.

In addition to this egg they had a few other Easter Lush goodies. This included a Immaculate Eggception Pink Egg bath bomb, a Bunch of Carrots bubble bar and even a Carrot soap. If any of these Easter goodies sound like the perfect treat for you head down to your local Lush, or have a look online – they are still currently available to buy online.

I couldn’t leave Lush without purchasing one of their bubble bars. Each of their bubble bars are designed to last for a few baths (dependent on size), with a chunk being broken off for each bath. You then run this chunk under a tap and watch the bubbles form. Oh, and they also provide you with coloured bath water.

The bubble bars have to be one of my favourite products from Lush. They instantly provide bubbles, whilst also scenting the entire bathroom, even leaving a lovely aroma after you get out.

I usually go for the Comforter, a pink bubble bar with a blackcurrant and bergamot scent, but thought I would opt for something a little bit different this time. I decided to go for the Brightside bubble bar. This one is citrus fragranced and leaves the bath a lovely bright orange colour. I thought this would be the perfect uplifting bubble bar for the Spring/Summer months.

Will you heading to Lush to make a purchase this Easter?