Liebster Award :O

Okay, I had never heard of this previously but love the idea of it. It helps give newer blogs you both enjoy reading and believe deserve to be noticed some recognition. They have to have 200 or less followers. I got nominated by the lovely Steph over at UrbanTherapy1 ( You basically share 11 facts about yourself, get 11 questions given to you to answer, then you have to nominate another 11 bloggers with under 200 followers, and ask them 11 questions. You should definitely check out the followers I have nominated, but without further ado here’s my eleven facts.

1) I can drive but my car thinks it’s Herbie and switches its lights on by itself sometimes.
2) I have a degree in Journalism.
3) I can get upside down on a pole.
4) Everyone tells me I’m short, but I can’t be that short, I’m about 5ft4/5ft5.
5) I have three piercings on the top of one of my ears.
6) My birthday is on St Patrick’s day.
7) My favourite colour is purple.
8) I went to the last ever S Club concert show, and saw the first ever performance of Say Goodbye.
9) I met Mark Speight from SMart on holiday years ago, and have a picture on a flip camera phone (if it still works).
10) My first flight was to New York.
11) I travelled to Spain by coach (yes, really) which took 24 hours when I was 12.

1) Who is your style icon? I wouldn’t say I have a style icon in particular, there’s a lot of people whose styles I am inspired by. What I will say is I like people who are unique, and not afraid to be different in what they wear.
2) If you could only use 3 make-up products for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? I think it would have to be foundation, mascara and lipstick simply because I like to have some kind of light base on as it helps enhance my skin, mascara as it really opens up my eyes, and lipstick as I’m addicted and it’s a quick easy way to add a bit of colour to any look.
3) What are your handbag essentials? Lip balm of some kind, powder, purse, EDT/spray, lipstick, mini mirror, clips/bobble and now Spring has hit hayfever tablets have made their way back in.
4) What is your summer nail colour? Ahh, this is a tricky one – so much choice. I like to change my nails on a regular basis but I can see orange being a regularity this summer.
5) What is your favourite fashion era? Hmm, not really thought about it but I think I’d have to say the 80’s down to the uniqueness of the era.
6) Who is your favourite celebrity? A couple of choices here for me, on the female side I think it would have to be Fearne Cotton. I love her uniqueness, and when I was younger I always wanted to be a presenter (still would love that job) and she was the one who stood out to me. Male wise I think it would have to be Russel Howard; I find him hilarious and love the variety in his comedy, oh and he looks pretty good too haha.
7) Who is your celebrity crush? Ummm, I think I’d have to say Chace Crawford. He is not only gorgeous, but was in one of my favourite TV shows and rocks the rugged look amazingly.
8) Who is your favourite blogger? At the moment I think it would have to be Estee from Essie Button.
9) Why did you start your blog? I have been reading blogs on a regular basis for a fair while now, and love beauty so thought creating a blog would be the perfect way to start sharing my thoughts with others on a wider scale. I also studied Journalism at university, so this probably had a slight impact as well.
10) If you could give any advice to someone wanting to start a blog, what would it be? Start it start it start it. Yes there’s a lot of bloggers out there, but everyone has their own style and something different to share. Keep writing, make sure you’re enjoying it and you will find you niche.
11) Sum yourself up in three words. Bubbly, fun, shoes-obesessed.

Nominations, you should definitely check these guys blogs out.
1) Becky from bckysklly
2) Rebecca from Lipstick Commitment
3) Sophie from Your Girl is Lovely
4) Claire from Shining Like Silver
5) Carly from Cee Jay Ell
6) Cass from Cassandra Myee
7) Carolina from Pretty and Messy
8) Kirsty from Cosmetics Beauty Rainbow
9) Xana from Wake Up Fashion
10) Alice from Alice in a Looking Glass
11) BTQ from The BTQ Blog

My questions to you guys
1) What made you start your blog?
2) How would you describe yourself in three words?
3) What’s your can’t live without makeup product?
4) What’s your can’t live without beauty product (anything bar makeup)?
5) What’s your summer lip colour?
6) What’s your favourite type of blush, cream or powder?
7) Whose your top 3 bloggers?
8) What’s your favourite makeup brand?
9) What’s your favourite animal?
10) What’s your favourite thing to do besides blogging?
11) Lastly, what’s your favourite TV show?

So, once again thanks for my award. It’s nice to know people are actually reading my blog, and good luck to my nominees.