6 simple ways to increase your Pinterest reach

6 simple ways to increase your Pinterest reach

Over the last couple of months, I have been constantly bookmarking, researching and saving posts I’ve seen talking all about how Pinterest is such an important method of social media for blogging. For many, it is one of their top referrals for traffic so I decided this was something I really wanted to work on and see if it could make a difference for me too. To my absolute surprise, since implementing a few things my Pinterest reach has increased from under 1k to 32.8k in just under two weeks.

I shared this on Twitter and got such an unexpectedly huge response, so today I thought I would share with you all 6 simple ways to help increase your own Pinterest reach. As you can see below, 1 day later my Pinterest reach increased even more to 38.2k.

Simple ways to increase your Pinterest reach

1) Update your contact name – When you first set up your Pinterest account you are likely to have put your name there, but this doesn’t mean much to Pinterest in terms of searching. You want it to include your name, blog/business name and keywords, similar to how I’ve done mine below. I’ve also broken it up with dashes to make my blog name clear. These changes should help with people being able to find your pins quicker as they are likely to appear under more searches.

2) Update your about you section – Similarly, you want this to include keywords to help your pins be found easier. I would suggest mentioning a little bit more detail about your blog or business and incorporating a few more keywords.
How to increase your Pinterest reach

3) Ensure every single one of your board’s descriptions has been completed – I don’t know about you but I hadn’t even written any text for my board’s descriptions before I started working on my Pinterest. I’ve now updated every single board with many keywords. For example, the screenshot below shows the keywords I’ve used for my blog board.

Increase your Pinterest reach

4) Pin loads and consistently – I’ve read a lot of posts which suggest you should pin at least 30 x a day and I would agree with this. This is the amount I have been pinning daily, spread out over the course of each day. This helps show Pinterest that your account is active rather than just sitting there, hopefully again helping with the chance your pins have at being seen. I have been scheduling my pins, but as long as you pin a few times a day this will still show you as active.

5) Join group boards – Having a small number of followers doesn’t seem to be too much of an issue on Pinterest, but joining group boards allows you to easily extend your Pinterest reach. There are many groups on Pinterest, some have rules and some don’t, but they essentially enable you to pin your blog pins to a group of people who may then pin your pins to their audience. Some group boards have a few thousand followers too, giving your pins a larger chance at being re-pinned. If you’re looking for suitable groups for your niche it’s worth taking a look at pingroupie, which allows you to search for different Pinterest group boards.

6) Create pinnable graphics and add one to every single post – I used to simply pin photos from my blog, but regular blog photos aren’t necessarily the most pinnable. They don’t show people searching what the post is about at a quick glance, and they aren’t always portrait photos. I recommend creating a portrait pinnable pin for every single blog post, using something like Canva, which allows you to select from a load of templates making it a relatively quick process and giving your blog pins a higher chance of being pinned. I simply add a pin, like the one below, to the very bottom of every blog post. This makes it easy for people to pin.

6 simple ways to increase your Pinterest reach
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