Favourite beauty picks for dry skin

Beauty picks for dry skin

As the weather is changing and getting colder by the day my skin is really struggling. I have combination skin but at the moment it is leaning very much towards the drier side of combination, so today I thought I would share with you all my favourite beauty picks that I always reach for to help with my dry skin.

beauty picks for dry skin

First up is a product which I am so scared to run out of as it is out of stock everywhere, and I have completely and utterly fallen in love with, The Ordinary Hydraluronic Acid. I love this product for so many reasons but the main one is the fact that it really helps with hydration like no other product. It has a slightly strange texture but it sinks in with ease and helps my moisturiser provide the maximum amount of moisture. It even helped with my dry skin on my back on holiday alongside a body butter!

The LA Girl Pro BB Cream is another love of mine for dry skin. It is the closest dupe I have found to the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue, and is a very moisturising light base. It provides light to medium coverage, but is buildable and is a great everyday base.

Another product I had to mention is the Una Brennan Super Facialist Cleansing Oil. I love using this both to cleanse my face and as if it was a face mask. As it is an oil it is quite a moisturising cleanser, which after cleansing I love to re-apply a thin layer and leave this to sit on my skin for 25-30 minutes. It does my skin the world of good and I find that it really makes a difference, leaving my skin more nourished, and brighter. It’s also great if you’re away and don’t happen to have a face mask on you.

Favourite beauty picks for dry skin

The Boots Botanics Hydrating Day Cream and The Body Shop Intense Moisture Cream are both incredible moisturisers. The Body Shop one has been a long-time favourite of mine and one I love for the extra moisture it provides for the day. I find a lot of day moisturisers are too light for me so something a little bit more intense is perfect. It sinks in so quickly too, which is important to me in the mornings. On the flip side, I have been using the one from Boots as a night cream even though it is a day cream and I have been loving it. I’m not sure if it is to do with the ingredients but this is an intense moisture cream that works just as well as my usual night cream. It is quite thick so is great in the evening as it can take a while to sink in.

The final product is actually an empty but I love the product so much I’ve been refusing to get rid of it until I have replaced it. Yes, that may sound daft, but the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask is an incredible product. It is a life saviour in the winter and one I like to use as often as 2-3 times a week to combat my dry skin. If I have this in my routine I don’t notice my dry skin nearly as much, it’s definitely one to try if you haven’t already.

What beauty products do you tend to reach for if you have dry skin, or when your skin’s drier than usual?

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Beauty picks for dry skin