Titanic the musical at Mayflower, Southampton

Titanic the musical

Titanic the Musical launched this week in Southampton’s Mayflower Theatre, 106 years since RMS Titanic left Southampton back in 1912, and I was lucky enough to be invited along to watch it. Based on real people aboard the legendary ship, this musical was something I was incredibly excited to see.

It has been created by Maury Yeston and Peter Stone, focusing on real people’s hopes and aspirations. Back on that fateful day in the final hour of the 14th April those onboard were unaware of the fate that awaited them on RMS Titanic’s maiden voyage.

Titanic the musical

Titanic the musical

Right from the beginning, you could this musical was going to be emotional and incredible to watch; when we walked in and took our seats there was already a cast member on stage writing away, and as soon as the lights went out the action immediately started. Cast members walked down the aisles and Titanic the Musical began.

If you’re thinking of the film as you read this, Titanic the Musical is entirely different, there’s no Jack and Rose, as I mentioned before it’s based on real people. You are introduced to the characters from third class, second class, first class and of course the crew. You see and feel their dreams, the third class dreaming of a better life in America, the second class dreaming of achieving the lifestyle of the rich and famous, and the first class dreaming of their mastery lasting forever. They are all simply enjoying life, and what they believe is to come.

Titanic the musical

After you’ve gotten to know the characters, just before the interval, you see the ship reach it’s terrible fate – hitting the iceberg. You see the panic as they realise they unsinkable ship is going to sink, and people are unfortunately going to die. You see the telegram controller desperately trying to reach other ships, with the only one which can be reached being four hours away. Titanic took a maximum of 2 hours to fully sink.

It’s incredibly heart-wrenching but at the same time fascinating to watch. I really felt as if I was there, I could feel the emotions the people were going through.

Titanic the musical

I wasn’t sure what to expect but I have to say Titanic the Musical has been done incredibly well. It really does portray the feelings of real people experiencing the tragedy. The set was set up well, simple but effective, with the decks on show and a steel facade. The costumes were of the 1900’s and really showed this and the different classes.

There was a lot of singing throughout the musical, but this actually worked superbly. It had you gripped and simply told the story in a musical format.

At the end you heard stories from those who were rescued and survived, against a backdrop of the names of all of the 1517 people who died. It was incredibly sad to watch but really brought the reality of the RMS Titanic tragic disaster home.

It’s definitely one you need to watch if you get a chance, the standing ovation at the end says it all. Titanic the Musical is a remarkable theatre show. The musical will be touring the UK and Ireland, but if you’re in Southampton it’s here until Saturday at the Mayflower Theatre, so make sure you grab a ticket!

Does this sound like a musical you need to watch?

Titanic the Musical

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The tickets were complimentary and the photos were provided by the Mayflower Theatre, but as always all thought and opinions are my own.