Colourpop makeup haul round 5

Colourpop makeup

I’m pretty certain you all already know my feelings towards Colourpop makeup and how obsessed I am with their products so I won’t do too much of an introduction, but I was lucky enough to receive some new Colourpop makeup goodness as an anniversary/Valentines present from my fiancé. As it has been a little while since my last haul, and Colourpop is always releasing new products it was so hard to pick but let’s get on with what I picked up in the end.

Colourpop makeup


The Colourpop Dream St. Pressed Powder Shadow palette is an eyeshadow palette in collaboration with Kathleen Lights that has been on my wishlist ever since it was released so I’m so excited to actually have it in my hands. It contains 12 pressed powder eyeshadows in a mix of matte, satin, and metallic formulas. The shades in the palette from left to right are:

  • Shooting Star – a matte soft golden brown
  • Magical – a matte yellow peach
  • Star dust – a metallic golden copper
  • Twinkle – a metallic rose gold
  • Sweet Dreams – a metallic soft champagne with a pink flip
  • Water Bearer – a matte cool teal
  • Potion – a matte vivid reddish rust
  • Spark – a matte neon red
  • Kaleidoscope – an intense metallic silvery nude
  • Elfish – a matte rich red chocolate brown
  • Moony – a satin soft baby pink
  • Mermaid Boy – a metallic deep teal

I’ve only used this palette a couple of times since I received it so far but I am really enjoying it and have found the majority of the shades to be of great quality, super soft to the touch and pigmented. Water Bearer does seem to have a chalkier texture and Sweet Dreams is a little less pigmented than the other shades in the palette, but I do think these are still workable. I’m so glad I have this gorgeous eyeshadow palette and I can’t wait to play around with it a little more.

Colourpop makeup


The Colourpop No Filter Concealer is a Colourpop makeup product that I mentioned in my 5 products you need to try from Colourpop post. It’s a product that I said I loved but I’m not totally sure on and can’t make my mind up on, but I am glad to have it back in my life. This is a paler shade than I picked up last time, in fact, the palest shade, as the next shade up was out of stock but it seems to be working just as well for me. This concealer has an amazing super flexible brush that provides medium to full coverage but it does unfortunately break up around my nose if I haven’t used a primer.


After lusting after the Colourpop Luser Dust for the longest time I had to pick up the loose highlighting powder in Gnomie. Gnomie is a soft champagne colour with silver glitter throughout and is beautiful. If you don’t like glitter than you probably won’t like this as the glitter is very noticeable but it looks stunning on the skin and is very blinding. I think I may even prefer it to their Super Shock Highlighters!


The Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip has to be my favourite ever liquid lipstick formula so I find it very hard not to pick up a new shade everytime I make an order. November is a gorgeous warm peachy pink shade that was recommended by Kathleen Lights in her recent favourite Colourpop products YouTube video. I absolutely adore the shade and have already worn it a handful of times, it’s the kind of shade that I can see myself reaching for all the time throughout Spring.

Colourpop makeup


The Colourpop Lux lipsticks are the product that actually prompted this little haul. From the rose gold packaging to the little star details to all the shades available I knew I had to try it. The Lux lipstick formula is full of a blend of butters designed to create a creamy-matte finish that is long-wearing and feels extremely comfortable too.

I had trouble choosing which shades to get but in the end I picked up three shades; Still Crazy – a gorgeous mauvey pink, Ghosted – a medium rose, and On Display – a bright pinky red. All three of these lipsticks are super comfortable and do create a create a creamy matte finish that wears well. However, I unfortunately still prefer my Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks as they fade better and last a little longer too.

These Colourpop ones break up around 4 hours and I find it to be quite noticeable and require touching up, but at $7 a go I really can’t complain about the quality. They are one of the most comfortable matte lipsticks I’ve tried from the drugstore and I’m sure I’ll pick up more shades.

I also have to mention that I was expecting these to be your standard full-size lipsticks but they really aren’t, and are about half the size of a regular lipstick. I have tried to show this in the photo above and as I rarely finish an entire lipstick it’s not the end of the world, it’s just something I thought worth noting as I was not expecting it.

If you would like a more detailed review of these Lux lipsticks from Colourpop, please let me know in the comments.

Colourpop makeup


I also picked up the Colourpop Creme Gel Liner in Mr.Bing after seeing it used in a YouTube tutorial. I don’t wear eyeliner that often but this rich warm brown shade is something I think would look lovely on occasion. As it’s brown it’s a lot less harsh on the eyes and I cannot wait to give this ago. On swatching, this is an incredibly creamy, soft eyeliner that definitely won’t be pulling on your eyelids, but just be careful, as due to how soft it is I rather annoyingly snapped the eyeliner within minutes of opening this parcel.


Ever since the Colourpop brushes were released I’ve wanted to pick up a couple but I have so many, but when I had 20% off I couldn’t resist picking up a couple including the Colourpop Small Fluff brush. This is a great brush for so many things, I’ve been enjoying using it with my highlighter to create an intense glow lately.


The second brush I went for was the Colourpop Small Shader brush. I specifically picked this one up as being that it’s made by Colourpop I thought it might work really well with their Super Shock Shadows that I love, but I’m yet to actually try this. I have used it to pack on other shadows which does work really well though.


The Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in the shade Lightning Bug is the final product I picked up in this haul. Lightning Bug is a gorgeous glittery golden copper shade that I can see being perfect for Spring and Summer evening cocktails. It’s such a pretty and pigmented shade in the unique formula I love from Colourpop, that has impressed me once again. I’m so glad I picked up this shade.

Have you ever tried Colourpop before? What are your favourite products?

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Colourpop makeup

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