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Ahh, my current favourites lately are something I haven’t shared since all the way back in May! With one thing and another, being crazy at work and pregnant, this just isn’t a post I’ve written, so I thought it was about time I shared my current favourites, only this time it isn’t only going to be on beauty products, but instead, my beauty and lifestyle favourites. Since my blog has moved direction sharing a lot more lifestyle posts, including my pregnancy, I wanted to include a variety of my favourite things that I’ve been loving lately.

Lifestyle favourites


Having more ‘me time’ was one of my goals this year and over the last couple of months’ reading is something I have really been enjoying getting back into as part of this. A lot of the time I find I only read on holiday when I’ll easily get through a couple of books, but I never get round to it at home. I have been loving actually reading at home, and have actually read 4 books over the last couple of months and I am currently reading another.

Lifestyle favourites


Since running out of my Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream, MAC Face and Body Foundation is the base product I have been reaching for. Similarly, I love the light coverage it provides, which evens out my skin tone and warms it up a little, whilst still feeling incredibly light. It is perfect for every day and those days I really can’t be bothered. It just adds a little something, even alone. Paired with a concealer, such as the Nars Soft Matte concealer, it makes the perfect everyday base product for your skin.

Lifestyle favourites


Probably the most random thing you will ever see on a favourites post of mine, but since being pregnant Cheerios are something I have been absolutely obsessed with. It started with being something that helped my heartburn but has turned into a bit of an obsession, to the point of, no other breakfast cereal can beat it and if I don’t have it I miss it – yes, I might be crazy, but 100% the truth.

Lifestyle favourites


Clary Sage Oil is an oil you’re not supposed to use in pregnancy until you are classed as term at 37 weeks because it can encourage labour, but since I’ve been 37 weeks I’ve been really enjoying using it every few days, both in the bath and in an oil burner. I’m still pregnant at 39 weeks so it hasn’t induced labour for me yet, but I’ve been really enjoying the scent, plan to use it in labour and it’s something I wouldn’t have discovered if I hadn’t been pregnant. It’s known for it’s soothing and uplifting properties, and it is definitely a scent that completely relaxes me. I can see me using this long after pregnancy.

Lifestyle favourites


In my pregnancy updates I’ve mentioned I haven’t been using any particular cream to prevent stretch marks on a regular basis, but when I have been reaching for a cream it has been either the Pregnacare Stretch Mark cream or the Holland & Barrett Aloe Vera Gel. The Pregnacare Stretch Mark Cream is designed to protect stretching skin during pregnancy, and contracting skin after pregnancy which I’m not sure I can comment on but I have been loving using it. I absolutely adore the citrusy-orange smell of the cream and how moisturising it is. It’s quite a thick cream which makes me believe it does reach some of the deeper layers of your skin.

The Aloe Vera Gel, on the other hand, doesn’t smell quite so amazing, but does feel incredibly soothing on the bump. It was brought on the recommendation from someone who used this through their pregnancy and didn’t gain any stretch marks so I couldn’t resist trying it, even if I haven’t been using it all the time. I currently have no stretch marks on my bump, so whether this is nature’s course like I believe, or from these creams I’m not going to complain.

Lifestyle favourites


I’m the coldest person in the world when it comes to the temperature dropping and I currently can’t actually do any coats up, so figured a super warm teddy bear coat may help with this. I absolutely love everything about this one I picked up from New Look, from how warm it is to the long length, and the fact it does have a couple of poppers to do it up once I’ve had our little baby girl. Being black it goes with absolutely everything too. I umm’ed and ahh’ed about teddy bear coats last year and I’m so glad I’ve given in and picked one up this year. It’s so cozy!

What have your lifestyle favourites been lately? Do you have any similar favourites?


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