100 blog post ideas for the beauty, lifestyle, travel and seasonal blogger

100 blog post ideas

Blog post idea posts are always something that I find can be incredibly helpful, especially if you get a case of the blogger writer’s block. That being said, seeing as it’s January, I wanted to share with you all 100 beauty, lifestyle, travel and seasonal blog post ideas for the year ahead.


1) Category favourites e.g. foundation, lipstick or hair favourites

2) A brand focus highlighting your thoughts on a range of products from one brand

3) An everyday makeup look

4) A special occasion makeup look

5) Pinterest beauty hacks

6) A tour around your makeup storage and collection

7) Product review

8) Monthly beauty favourites

9) Colour-specific makeup choices, e.g. your pink makeup favourites

10) Long-standing beauty favourites

11) A high-end wishlist

12) A price limited makeup look e.g. using £20 worth of makeup products

13) Starter makeup kit

14) Your skincare routine

15) Your beauty dupe finds

16) Beauty advice tips to your younger self

17) Beauty through the years & how your favourites have changed

18) Bad beauty habits

19) An introduction/first impressions of a new brand to you

20) Those beauty staples

21) Beauty products that have surprised you

22) The makeup brushes you need

23) Your favourite candles

24) A week of multiple makeup looks

25) Your evening or morning routine



26) A day in your life

27) Your goals

28) A to-do list for the month

29) Your favourite posts from other blogs

30) What you’ve learnt X years on from an experience e.g. 4 years on from university

31) 5 favourite photos from the month

32) Your self-care routine

33) How to style your hair a particular way

34) Lifestyle favourites

35) A recipe post

36) Reasons why you do or love something

37) Reverse bucket list

38) 30 things before 30

39) Date ideas at home

40) Outfit of the day

41) Cocktail/Mocktail recipes

42) A tour around your house

43) Blogging tips when you work full time

44) A post all about how your style your photos

45) How you like to stay organised when blogging

46) Lessons you’ve learnt in your life so far

47) Blogging advice or tips

48) Why it’s important to you to set goals

49) How you save money every day

50) TV recommendations



51) Places at the top of your travel bucket list

62) Where you have visited so far

53) A travel guide to a particular location

54) A post all about different kinds of accommodation e.g. hotels, hostels

55) Favourite food at a particular destination

56) Your favourite ever holiday and reasons behind it

57) The excursions on offer at a particular location

58) A travel diary from your trip

59) Your dream road trip

60) Your favourite travel resources to book or plan a holiday

61) How to pack light and only take your hand luggage

62) Best budget destinations to visit

63) Your favourite hotel experience

64) Why you love to travel

65) Free things to do when travelling

66) A specific activity focus e.g. Phuket Elephant Sanctuary

67) Romantic holiday destinations

68) Your typical holiday itinerary

69) How to create 5 outfits from one clothing item

70) How to plan a holiday

71) How to travel on a budget

72) Your holiday outfits

73) How to take amazing holiday photos

74) Your best and worst holiday experiences

75) The best beaches you’ve visited



76) A seasonal recipe idea

77) Your favourite transitional makeup

78) Gift wrapping ideas

79) Gift guides

80) A seasonal playlist

81) Seasonal home decor

82) Favourite seasonal traditions

83) DIY seasonal gifts

84) Seasonal dinner ideas e.g. valentines dinner restaurant ideas

85) Pumpkin decoration ideas

86) Transitional home decor

87) Seasonal costume ideas

88) Winter skincare

89) A seasonal TAG post or Q&A

90) A valentines makeup look

91) A homely Winter recipe

92) The perfect meal for a hot Summers day

93) 5 things to do this Spring

94) How to create the perfect cosy evening in

95) A photo from every month in the previous year

96) What Valentines Day does/doesn’t mean to you

97) Favourite ways to celebrate a particular day e.g. Christmas Day

98) Seasonal craft ideas

99) How to use your leftover Turkey after Christmas

100) A seasonal bucket list

What are your favourite blog post ideas from my selection? Has this given you any inspiration?

100 blog post ideas for the beauty, lifestyle, travel and seasonal blogger

The Violet Blonde